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    createJS toolkit 1.1 and preloadjs-0.3.0.min.js


      I'm curious, does anyone know why files published with createJS toolkit version 1.1 don't work with preloadjs-0.3.0.min.js? The other new versions of the libraries seem to work fine.

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          This is because the 1.1 Toolkit uses APIs that changed in version 0.3.0 of PreloadJS. Specifically, the "PreloadJS" class was changed to the more accurate "LoadQueue". Additionally, the introduction of the event model (EventDispatcher) required some changes to the event payload structure as well, so there are changes to how the content is accessed from PreloadJS once its complete.




          var queue=  new createjs.LoadQueue();


          // AND


          // Note that the properties of the loaded item are now on an "item" object.

          function handleFileLoad(o) {
              if (o.item.type == "image") { images[o.item.id] = o.result; }



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            smcclure999 Level 1


            I have another related question.

            I'm working on a big project with hundreds of animations made with cjs toolkit 1.1. These animations seem to work well when I run them with this set of libraries which is later than the one they were originally publish with:






            Can I expect all these cjs toolkit 1.1 published files to work pretty much flawlessly with the this new set or will problems likely show up sometimes?