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    "Unknown Server Error" - That's what the CC program says when I try to log in!  Help!

    GAPmedia Level 1

      The CC Program updated and now I can't log in! 

      I wanted to update my Adobe programs to CC versions.  I saw that they were all ready in the Program Manager, but I restarted first because I wanted everything to update perfectly.  OOPS, When I restarted the Application Manager said it was auto updating.  The new one seems to be merged with the Creative Cloud panel.  Now every time I try to log in I just get "Unknown Server Error".


      I checked on the program manager which ones needed updating and uninstalled those because I have a 120g ssd C: drive on my video editor PC.  Now my programs are gone and I can't install the new ones!!!   HELP!!


      I have been long awaiting the CC release (because there is a significant bug in Premiere that I was anxiously awating a fix for promised in CC.)   I am rignt in the middle of a project for a client that used footage that suffered from this bug.  Since I tried to upgrade, I'm out of the frying pan and it to the fire.  Now I'm really stuck!

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