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    uninstall CS6?


      After I confirm that all my CC applications are working correctly is it Ok to use the un-istallers on all the CS6 programs?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Sure, if you want to be completely at Adobe's mercy. They can remove applications from CC whenever they want, they can increase prices whenever they want, they can do almost anything and all you can do is accept it. They have covered themselves quite nicely in a legal sense. It boils down to: F*** customers, they are a real PITA, and we are only interested in their checks and our profits. Everything else is irrelevant.

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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

            Yes. It is OK.


            You can always get your CS6 apps back through the Creative Cloud application on your desktop.


            Harm, like so many others, is upset because the subscription service is not what he wants and they took away what he has been used to. Basically, they moved his cheese and he is severly annoyed, to put it mildly. As are many others.


            Some will find a new source of cheese, some will accept the new location of the cheese, and some will starve to death in spite of themselves. (I think Harm is probably in the first category and unlikely to be in the third. I am hoping for the second for my own benefit - to have him around here - but hope is all it is.)

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              joe bloe premiere Level 5


              A 'mouse & cheese' analogy?


              Try this:


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                2reverb Level 1

                Thank you for your reply. I can kind of understand Harm's feelings. I think I felt a similar anger when Apple yanked Final Cut and forced FCPX on us. However that is what led me back to Adobe. I personally don't have any problems with the subscription service. Even when I "owned" the software, how much control did I have anyway? It's never bad to have a fallback position in any case. If I find Adobe is getting funny with us I'll just go back to FCP or Avid. At this point I am pleased with the progress they have made and feel they are listining to their customers needs while taking care of their business needs.

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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5



                  There is always that.