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    OT: Bindings panel, Databases, and Server behaviors in Dreamweaver CC

    Preran Adobe Employee

      Hi all,


      There was a query on the Dreamweaver Facebook page about using server behaviors in Dreamweaver going forward. The product team replied to the post, and I am posting it on this forum for the benefit of users not on our Facebook page.


      In Dreamweaver cc release server behaviors will be available as an extension. Once you install the extension server behaviors feature will be enabled and extensions dependent on it will work as before. In the CC release, you can find the extension at the location


      * Vista/Windows 7: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CC\Configuration\DisabledFeatures
      * Mac OS X: /Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CC/Configuration/DisabledFeatures


      Additional documentation is available at



      Also, check out this video created by Silas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cB2vmNfcq7A


      The Dreamweaver team has posted their view about the latest changes in Dreamweaver in their blog post  http://blogs.adobe.com/dreamweaver/2013/06/a-look-at-the-modernized-dreamweaver-cc.html




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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Have made changes to my post based on inputs from the product team. Many users were getting confused with the previous location.




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            nkhm Level 1

            Wow. I think many people will be glad to read this post.  But I'm afraid that communication is no longer a strongpoint from Adobe - the confusion of this upgrade, people trying to update their software and being told "you have the latest version" - this is a PR and communications disaster for Adobe, at least the main functionality of Dreamweaver for most people can now be restored.

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              johngordon12 Level 1

              Thanks for this - I had thought this was still in beta testing.


              If I open an existing page that has any recordsets, they don't appear in the Bindings panel though.

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                raynestorm Level 1

                I have installed the extension, but do not see it in the Windows menu. How do you open the panel?

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                  scot baston Level 1



                  I've added the database, bindings and server behaviours as above and my recordsets are appearing


                  I don't know enough to help, but thought I'd at least say that it works for me



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                    njn007 Level 1

                    Thank you Preran for sharing this information. My sincere hope is to spread this knowledge to many of my fellow developers who rely on access to these features. With the exception of Dreamweaver's feature changes, I am very pleased with the release of CC.

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                      LocoATL Level 1

                      Regardless... I have supported Adobe for a long time. I have purchased nearly all products. I have signed up for Creative Cloud... but I hate the fact that they don't clearly tell you what is being REMOVED from the program. They tout the few new things that we all thought we were getting in addition to what we already had only to find that's not the case.


                      I get it, there may be people that just do design and hand it to a developer for the heavy lifting of application code, but so many designs today require integrating the actual design with the data at that time. Now, that's not a feature any more of DW.

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                        Preran Adobe Employee

                        Hi all,


                        Silas from the product team has created a video on this solution. For new users that come across this thread, have a look




                        Thanks ,


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                          mubrasmi Level 1

                          This would be helpful if the Extension Manager CC would actually work. I can't get past a "Failed to initialize Extension Manager" error when I try to open Extension Manager CC. But the real question is, Why would Adobe bury these panels? Are these panel tools in Dreamweaver one step from being removed completely? Adobe just killed Encore and Fireworks... what's next? What is Adobe thinking? I'm I the only one that used the Server Behavoirs panel several times daily?

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                            bcdclaude Level 1

                            Why the database connections, bindings and server behaviors options are now deprecated ? It was one of the best utility in dreamweaver. If I have to code all my MySQL stuf, I prefer to do that in others apps (eg: FLUX made a real good work). I'd rather hoped adobe to make DW more efficient whith PHP/MySQL, PHP classes and so on.

                            Today, we loose important functionalities, replaced by CSS gadgets whereas we have a powerful tool for CSS (I mean Edge reflow), definitely more effective for this work.

                            It' a long time I supported Adobe, I have purchased a lot of products for a very important budget. I don't think evolution means to loose important features !!!

                            Please ! Change your way of thinking very quickly !




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                              mubrasmi Level 1

                              I totally agree. Without these features in Dreamweaver it is relatively useless to me. I have been buying Adobe and Macromedia products for many, many years. With Fireworks and Encore scrapped and the most useful features in DW deprecated, CS6 may be where I part with Adobe.  If/when these features are completely removed in DW I will have no choice but to part with Adobe.

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                                bcdclaude Level 1

                                It's seem's to be because PHP plans to remove original mysql function. Ok. Why not. But adobe could explain and speak about what is in prodject. Are you prepearing a new way to use mysqli or not ?

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                                  Steve Skinner Level 1

                                  Like so many others, I am seriously disappointed in Adobe's decision to remove native support for building data driven applications. In my opinion, this was the best thing about Dreamweaver. I think Adobe has their own agenda, and doesn't really listen to their development community at all. I've built a very successful small business using the database features and server behaviors that were built into Dreamweaver, so this particular part of the change in Dreamweaver is pretty alarming.

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                                    nkhm Level 1

                                    I completely agree with you Steve.  Why should I now continue to pay Adobe's licensing when all the major work I do will be done using coda or some other tool - this is a serious dropping of the ball. It doesn't matter what's in the pipeline or may or may not appear in the coming months - this will be taken as a very big indication that designers who need easy to use development tools are no longer a priority - I would imaging that this is the majority of dreamweaver users. High end coders use text editors, designers who need to build sites use Dreamweaver - except that we now can't.  This is very serious and Adobe need to state whether not these data wizards will return as a native feature, and give a fixed time scale for this.


                                    These aren't toys, they are professional work tools (and are priced accordingly), and for those who upgraded to CC and uninstalled CS6 as part of that process, we're now dead in the water. Yes, we shouldn't have uninstalled CS6 (and of course can roll back), but no one imagined that all data functionality would be gone when we upgraded - what were they thinking?

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                                      nkhm Level 1

                                      The video is great - if very long winded.  This doesn't show us how to get all the wizards back - insert/update/delete show region if, repeat region, pagination.


                                      Are Adobe really that dense, do you have NO IDEA how much designers relied on these?

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                                        Steve Skinner Level 1

                                        I've been reading, not upgrading. And I will be sticking with CS6 and see where it goes with CC. There have been a few instances recently where companies have reconsidered their changes after hearing enough backlash from their customer base. I can only hope enough of the DW development community feels the same as we do - and speak up.


                                        It sounds like keeping Dreamweaver working with databases is certainly possible with the extra extension and the tweaks that are required to bring back this functionality, but the fact that they have deprecated these features means it's only going to get more difficult to keep doing this work in Dreamweaver as future versions come. The future seems a bit uncertain for developers who create data driven apps with Dreamweaver, but it's too soon to make any calls (in my opinion).


                                        I see this going two ways:


                                        1) Adobe realizes the importance of these tools for developers in Dreamweaver and either updates these capabilities in a future version, or releases another piece of software into the CC family that handles database interaction and server behaviors.




                                        2) Extension developers come up with updated ways to handle it all in extensions, instead of the native tools in Dreamweaver for inserting, updating, and deleting records, etc. After all, companies like DMXzone.com have built an entire business around extensions, and most of their popular ones all deal with database interaction. They will be motivated to find a way to make this work for Dreamweaver users. Their sales depend on it. Personally, this is the way I think it will go. Adobe has made their move and told us that they don't want to support database stuff in Dreamweaver anymore.


                                        I'd be fine with either, but I think this is a period of flux where it's all up in the air. And that really sucks.

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                                          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                          Removing these features is a truly bone headed decision. PHP is the highest paid web specialty, the most in demand skill, and without access to database information it's extremely difficult to build Intranet back end services for blogs, professional forums, professional document sharing, secure transactions. Not everyone wants to use wordpress or other CMS for this. I get 1/3 my my standard hourly rate for simple HTML and css work because you can get it overseas for $20/hour or less and Google is giving websites away for free. Nobody that is savvy is going to pay much for just laying out a gotta use Dreamweaver to edit and maintain my site contract.


                                          The product team should immediately work at putting this feature back and pulling it off the deprecated list.

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                                            mubrasmi Level 1

                                            Back in the DW Macromedia days I looked forward to new releases to see what new tools I would be getting to help me develop with. Lately, with new releases, I get scared to see what Adobe thinks I don't need anymore. I'm completely at a loss at why Adobe would even think of removing these features. DW is useless to me without them.

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                                              Steve Skinner Level 1

                                              DMXZone has just released a free extension called HTML5 Data Bindings. This is some good news to Dreamweaver CC users who are bummed about the loss of server behaviors and other related features that really help in building data driven pages.


                                              This is actually what I had hoped would happen - a prominent extension developer coming up with the new, improved way to manage and work with data-driven content in our websites and web apps. Their new extension provides some pretty cool functionality, but the part I'm most excited about - the DMXzone Database Connector isn't quite ready yet, but at least they've put it out there to let us know it's coming soon. Read for yourself:


                                              HTML5 Data Bindings Extension

                                              http://www.dmxzone.com/go/21863/html5-data-bindings?utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=link&utm_co ntent=DMXzone+Database+connector+coming+soon&utm_campaign=HTML5+Data+Bindings


                                              DMXzone Database Connector



                                              It looks like this could be our new way of bringing content from the database into our pages in a streamlined, wizard-like way, (like we've been used to in DW) and it looks pretty great to me. I own a bunch of their extensions already and they build quality stuff.


                                              The part I haven't seen an answer for yet in Dreamweaver CC is a new way to handle inserting, editing and deleting content in a database. The (now deprecated) server behaviors which can be brought back into Dreamweaver CC generate code that is considered very out of date. I am hopeful that DMXzone or someone like them will also come up with an extension to replace these older server behaviors with new and modern code that current hand-coders would be impressed with.


                                              In my opinion, I think these features would be better off handled by an extension developer rather than Adobe anyway. After all, it's Adobe who let these server behaviors languish into obsolescence in the first place! In a way, it might be smart for Adobe to stick to what they do best (graphics, design & layout) and let a 3rd party handle the extensions for programming and code.


                                              So, there is some light on the horizon for Dreamweaver CC users who wish to go beyond what Adobe thinks you should be developing - and in the form of a free extension too! Still, I'm not interested in installing the CC version of Dreamweaver until I can do database inserts/edits/deletion (without hand-coding) in a way that's not considered deprecated. Until then, I'm happy with CS6.

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                                                iraji Level 1

                                                Dynamic developements are a big part of DW and for one I am very sorry to see Databases, Server Behaviors and Binding panels depricated in this version and at the same time thankful for your post and the fact its at least available as an extension. However, it should not be an extension and should be a big part of the application. I am not sure if this is the proper place to voice this opinion but I would not use DW CC without the dynamic features and I would most likely stay with the previous versions and that would be a shame since the new features are so nice to have.

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                                                  ollekar Level 1

                                                  There is this tool from http://www.webassist.com/dreamweaver-extensions/data-bridge

                                                  Price is high $400. So it's not an option for many people.




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                                                    iraji Level 1


                                                    Thank you but I am aware of the WebAssist extension but it still requires

                                                    the panel functionality in DW. Building dynamic websites is still pretty

                                                    popular and with php and MySQL keeping up with new technology and being

                                                    supported by a large support base, I can't see why Adobe is not supporting

                                                    it. I agree with the other submitters on this forum and will stay with CS6

                                                    version till then.


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                                                      JeniB Level 1

                                                      Just wanted to add that I am conserned about the removal of these panels and functionallity from DW CC as well. As a designer that is not a great coder- this allowed me to have simple dynamic pages and a database without using someone else's framework. Hope there will continue to be a built in solution for someone like me...

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                                                        François402 Level 1

                                                        If Adode persists to treat PHP that way, the whole Dreamweaver adventure will soon be deprecated too.

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                                                          Preran Adobe Employee

                                                          Hi all,


                                                          I would encourage you to have a look at the product team's blog post on this one: http://blogs.adobe.com/dreamweaver/2013/06/a-look-at-the-modernized-dreamweaver-cc.html




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                                                            nkhm Level 1

                                                            Preran - this post does not provide anything new - siply reminds us that you've dropped all database functionality.  There is more to this than the bindings/database panels - what about mysql insert/update/delete wizards, repeat region wizards - all the stuff that made Dreamweaver an indespensible tool, which is now removed leaving the software no more than an overpriced CSS editor.  You are losing customers, quickly - and pointing us to third party companies to spend EVEN more money is not helping.

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                                                              johngordon12 Level 1

                                                              Agreed. I was hoping that Adobe might have mentioned that as part of the "modernisation of Dreamweaver", they were working on replacements for the old behaviours.


                                                              All this "announcement" says is that Adobe, who charge hundreds of dollars fir industry leading software haven't been able to incorporate modern replacements for these behaviours, but a much smaller company is able to provide an alternative, by way of an extension, for free.


                                                              I suppose its a solution, but if I'm paying top dollar (especially at European prices) for a product, I don't really expect features to be dropped, and then have to rummage around on the intermet for workarounds.

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                                                                MyDreamweaverExtensions Level 3

                                                                I am sorry to say so, but your disappointing blog post just tells us two things:


                                                                1. You claim that you are listening to your users, but you have just proved you don’t. Despite the high volume of disappointment expressed through the comments to previous posts of this blog, through comments in Dreamweaver Help or through the Community Forum, you show no change of direction, nor any will to cater for the disrupted workflow that Dreamweaver CC is introducing. Instead, you are just producing blog posts that desperately try to prove us that you are “streamlining” and “modernizing” Dreamweaver. An extension that brings back half of the features is not a strong-enough signal that you have taken into account our needs. Extensions written by third parties which you claim are alternatives but are not resemble more leg-pulling than anything else. Will you reduce Dreamweaver’s price for the removal of killer features that were sold with the software before?
                                                                2. You do not seem to know how Dreamweaver users use the software or at least, to be fair, how a large number of users do. I thought the aim of software makers was to sell a tool that aids its clients in, and brings value to, their work.


                                                                As an extension writer, I can tell that the vast majority of my users are either DIY guys or professionals working on their own. Not big companies with teams of developers. The majority of those never have been Dreamweaver users and will never be, having different needs and ways of working.

                                                                As responses to your “streamlining” and “modernization” of Dreamweaver have shown, for a large number of users, the strength of Dreamweaver lies in its extensibility, of which server behaviors are the most advanced feature. I am not talking about the code they write, which we all agree has to be updated (and we have been waiting this for a number of releases, now…), I am talking about their very mechanism, which allow us to write our code and use Dreamweaver to speed up our job by helping us to write it again, faster, without errors, visually.


                                                                No other tool offers this possibility. Without server behaviors and database support, Dreamweaver is simply not worth its price…


                                                                Obviously, you are the ones with the real figures and only you can tell if it is a strategic decision or a big mistake. I was a bit surprised though by the number of voices that rose after the Dreamweaver CC release, so I tend to think that Mr. Adobe would not be that pleased by the loss of a good number of faithful clients. But then at least, be honest enough to tell us if you intend to drop a part of long-term users, and stop serving us your commercial soup…


                                                                Now, what will happen?

                                                                1. You still refuse to listen to the numerous voices who have called against your decision to remove useful features to us, and in this case, we will act accordingly: we are big enough, we do not need your blatant propaganda even by the product manager himself to decide whether Dreamweaver CC will still be worth its high price into our workflow, if the new features will outweigh the loss of server behaviors and database support. If not, of course, we will not upgrade just because you are marketing the supposedly wonderful new features, and we will turn to other tools, with features that will help us improve our workflow in other ways. And goodbye Adobe, we do not trust you anymore… It is as simple as that.
                                                                2. You show us you really are listening to your customers and you bring back updated server behaviors and database support. In this case, we will know that we can trust Adobe again, that you do listen to us, and will applaud with both hands.


                                                                And, more important to you, we will have a valid reason to upgrade and we will. Come on guys, our productivity is at stake, but your jobs may be in the line too…

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                                                                  pixonti Level 1

                                                                  I would like to add my disappointment in Adobe's decision to remove the database, bindings and server behaviors from Dreamweaver. This seems like a huge step backward for the product. I am not a serious coder, but a designer who relies heavily on these to help get my work done. And after installing the "Deprecated Server Behaviors Panel Support", and finding out what a poor implementation that is, I am even more frustrated with this decision. Previous behaviors can no longer be edited, although they show up in the panel. And certain behaviors I was using are not even listed.

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                                                                    holymackeral Level 1

                                                                    I ABSOLUTELY agree! PHP/MySQL development is my bread and butter as well and my ONLY reason for using Adobe's Dreamweaver.

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                                                                      LorumIpsum Level 1

                                                                      Is it better to put a fence at the top of a cliff on an Ambulance down in the Valley?


                                                                      This situation is caused by not having the shop manager down on the shop floor.

                                                                      The first rule of business is: Know your Customers (like Macromedia did)


                                                                      Cheers up guys. nothing is so bad that it can't get worse.

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                                                                        Steve Skinner Level 1

                                                                        I like your style LorumIpsum. Now, put the doobie away and get back to work.

                                                                        • 33. Re: OT: Bindings panel, Databases, and Server behaviors in Dreamweaver CC
                                                                          Simon TL Level 1

                                                                          I agree. What  a cretinous decision. Just leave it in until you have something better. But it does mean that Dreamweaver CC has zilch value for me.

                                                                          • 34. Re: OT: Bindings panel, Databases, and Server behaviors in Dreamweaver CC
                                                                            mpaulista Level 1

                                                                            Well, it seems that Steve Jobs was right. Lazyness. Please, bring the panels back and working properly. I don’t want to have to copy and paste MMHTTPDB.php and mysql.php from a folder to another. Give us a decent solution, and respect your customers!

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                                                                              dynchuck Level 1

                                                                              Well, I just chatted with DMX Zone.  The HTML5 data extension is just an experiment, and not really a full blown solution (Their own words).


                                                                              In addition, the current version has a bug that prevents it from working properly, and they cannot provide a timeline for doing it properly.


                                                                              So Adobe, ball's in your court.  What are YOU doing to make dynamic website development a dreamweaver feature?


                                                                              The problem with the subscription model you are introducing is that you can remove features and users are screwed.  They can't use the old version (as we can with CS 6).  Thus you can introduce something useful in CC1.1 and we build it into our sites.  Then comes CC 1.2, and you take the feature away, and we can't go back.

                                                                              • 36. Re: OT: Bindings panel, Databases, and Server behaviors in Dreamweaver CC
                                                                                DMXzone.com Level 1

                                                                                Hi All,


                                                                                This is George from DMXzone.com


                                                                                Let me clarify few things about the DMXzone's HTML5 Data Bindings extension.


                                                                                This extension is definitely not an experiment! It is a full blown production extension that we have released after a long and intensive development & research cycle. The extension is actively being developed based on user feedback and we have already published few updates of it.


                                                                                The HTML5 Data Bindings extension currently offers possibility to make dynamic Ajax based web sites based on public feeds or custom JSON data feeds. With it we are opening a new world of dynamic web sites and web apps in the new Web 3.0 era. So the HTML5 Data Bindings is our base extension for this.


                                                                                Database Connectivity is coming up next, so soon you will be able to connect to all your databases and have your own data empower your dynamic web sites build with the same HTML5 Data Bindings extension.


                                                                                So with the HTML5 Data Bindings and related extensions from DMXzone we will fully offer you an replacement for the deprecated Server Behaviors, Database Connectivity and Data Bindings panels in a whole new modern way.


                                                                                At last you will be able to cerate your dynamic single page web apps and web sites that get, display and manipulate their data through Ajax, without any page refresh!


                                                                                So check out all the showcases and videos we have already published about HTML5 Data Bindings at http://www.dmxzone.com/go/21863/html5-data-bindings and also keep an eye on DMXzone's Blog http://www.dmxzone.com/ for further announcements.



                                                                                   George Petrov


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                                                                                  holymackeral Level 1

                                                                                  A thousand THANK-YOU's for picking up the ball that Adobe has dropped. I (and hundreds of designers like me) am looking forward to your Database Connector!!

                                                                                  • 38. Re: OT: Bindings panel, Databases, and Server behaviors in Dreamweaver CC
                                                                                    mubrasmi Level 1

                                                                                    Yes, thank you DMXzone! This will work for future projects... however I have years and years of daily developing ASP pages connected to MySql that I will need to maintain for many, many years to come and the new depreciated tools in Dreamweaver CC don't reconize any of my work. Looks like I will have to run both Dreamweaver CC and CS6 for many years to come. New pages I will build in CC and old pages I will open in CS6. I just don't have the time to convert every single page I have built. This will be a royal pain in the rear. Then again we now have to worry about Adobe buying out DMXzone keeping what they want and ditching the DB connectivity again. Adobe has bought others before like Nitobi in which they killed the best datagrid available just to get PhoneGap from Nitobi. Macromedia why did you sell out to Adobe? We need another competitor to keep Adobe in check. Unfortunately there really isn't anything to compare to DW.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: OT: Bindings panel, Databases, and Server behaviors in Dreamweaver CC
                                                                                      jkbdks Level 1

                                                                                      We're still waiting.

                                                                                      There's been no real answer for this issue.

                                                                                      Simply say YES or NO : "will you soon fully restore the whole set of the tools we used in DW CS6 on DW CC ?"

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