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    Adobe Digital Editions


      Sometimes when I download an ereader from library using Adobe digital editions. I will get this message on my ereader: The content you are trying to view is locked. Please use your Adobe ID to authorize your ereader with the Kobo desktop application OR Adobe Digital Editions. Does anyone out there know why the ebook is locked or how to unlock it. It doesn't happen every time I add a new book.

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          Thanks everyone for helpful suggestions. I didn't have to do anything, the next day I plugged in ereader to computer and brought up ADE and a box came up that said something hadn't finished, do you want to continue?? and I clicked to continue and when that was done I dragged the book to the ereader icon, waited a bit after the loading showed finished  and then did the 'eject' process  and this time when it came up on my ereader it was unlocked??????  Some little glitch I guess, maybe I didn't wait long enough for the book to load properly even tho the loading appeared to be finished. I really didn't want to go the route of changing to factory settings because I believe you lose any books you have purchased. Another time when this happened I was trying various things and it removed ALL of my books fromm the ereader, now that was sweating time lol I just kept ejecting and reconnecting and eventually they all came back.