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    Testing AIR app for ios

    rerobnett Level 1

      I have designed an AIR desktop app that I think would make a nice Iphone app. The question is. Is it not possible to to publish the fla for testing on my Iphone without purchasing a developers lisense from Itunes?? I am using FlashPro CS6

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          To sign the application with a proper mobileprovision, yes you would need a developer account ($99/yr). It's a very small cost. At that point you could add your devices UDID to the signing certificates and the IPA created could be installed directly via iTunes to your device.


          There are other ways but they're not legal and I won't get into them.


          If you have an Android device you can make your own certificate just to toy with on your own devices without signing up for anything, you just can't put it in the Google Play store.

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            rerobnett Level 1

            Wow!!! $99 just to see if an app is usable on an Iphone. If I was going to distribute the app I would have no problem with the cost. However that's a little much just to test on my phone. I am after all just getting started with mobile apps.

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              HelenWLee Level 1

              But to put in the Google Play store is just 25$. And an Android app you can "put" anywhere you like for others to download or buy. Like your own page or one of the many other Android-app-stores online. So you can test, sell or give away your app for 0$ investment if you like.

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                sinious Most Valuable Participant

                While the AIR for iOS iPhone simulator isn't a good performance bearing, nor does it have all the features like accelerometers, but everything else about the app can be tested using it. If it works in the simulator to your liking and you only want to test it on an iOS device then yes, you will need to buy a $99 subscription so you can generate Apple certs to publish for your device.


                I feel the same as you. I think it's terrible that Apple doesn't allow development for free. This has nothing to do with Adobe however, just Apple. As I mentioned, Google lets you install apps from unknown sources without buying a developer account (certs) and it's extremely easy to USB debug directly on your device with Adobe products.


                I hope Apple changes their attitude.

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                  Anton Azarov Level 3

                  If you don't want to pay $99 - you can go thru not legal but anonymous way.


                  1) By doing jailbreaking your device you can remove restrictions about certificates

                  2) Find fake certificates

                  3) Publish and Install


                  But please note - this will work only for testing puprose if you don't want to buy before test.

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                    rerobnett Level 1

                    If I had an andoid phone to test on that would be the ticket, but I don't. Anyway!! What I'm most interested in is seing what the layout looks like in the phones screen resolution, so I can get a feel for how big buttons and other interactive interface items should be when drawn in flash.


                    As far as Antons answer go. 1 & 2 are probably not for me. But thanks for the ideas

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                      Anton Azarov Level 3

                      You can find some developer that can get your udid and generate for you adhoc certificate. In russian thrid-party community this is nice idea We always do something like that And fully legal.


                      Would you like to see solution that allow translate image from Desktop player to iOS and you will controll game on device but realy it works on Desktop?