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    File saving locations

    TheColinDay Level 1

      I start a new multitrack project.  I create a folder and save a session name. All good.


      But then when I want to export a mix down from my multitrack I have to navigate to my new project folder. That's a pain.


      What would make more sense (to me) is that Audition automatically populates the mix down folder location withe the same location as the current project I'm working in. Anyone agree?


      Or am I missing a trick here? Is there a tick box somewhere that will encourage Audition to follow me around a bit more?



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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          We implemented a similar feature in the latest Audition CC release that adds the session directory as one of the pre-populated options in the export path.  The default is still the last export path used, with the parent session path as the first alternate option and then previously-used paths below that.

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            TheColinDay Level 1

            Thanks for the tip.


            Here's a funny thing; it didn't work for me.  So I checked the version of Audition that I'm running in HELP/ABOUT and it says CS6 vers. 5.02 vers 7.


            Thing is I signed up for the CC version.  Have I missed a meeting?  How do I get the CC version?

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              _durin_ Adobe Employee

              Quickest method to get up-to-date is to login to https://creative.adobe.com/  select Download Center and click Download underneath Audition CC.  This will make sure you have the latest application installation tool and should automatically download and install Audition CC.  (Both CC and CS6 can coexist on the same system.)