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    Email Notification


      I want to send an email notification when a form is received, but not to the email address of the account registration. I have another name and email under share on the bottom of the screen on the left but am not able to get it acitvated when I click add.

      Please help me.

      Thank you,

      Fred Goldstein



      p.s. I have a paid account.

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          FSG324 Level 1

          Would someone please answer this?

          I am not using Outlook. It appears that  you must use Outlook to contact the other email address. Is that correct?

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            Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

            Hi;  Does the other email address you are trying to share the form with and have the notifications sent to have a FormsCentral account that has been verified?  Any email address you want to recieve notifications has to be a validated FormsCentral account (Free level is fine).


            If the account is not verified with FormsCentral it will not show up in the Notifications drop down, you can see an error message about the account if this is the case on the "Email Reciepts" tab if you click the "From" dropdown you should see that address there and if you select it an "!" will appear on the tab that tells you that the account has to be registered/verified first...


            Let me know if that helps...




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              FSG324 Level 1

              This was very helpful and I thank you very much.

              I just ran a test and found that while the email address that sent the filled in the form was notified immediately it took 5 or 10 minutes for Adobe to send an email message advising that a new form had been filled in and recieved.

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                Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                Great, I am glad that took care of the issue.


                The time varies, usually both emails are very quick but sometimes they can be delayed a little bit.  Most often they should show up within minutes.