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    AMD Budget machine for movie editing



      I'm a freelance filmmaker and my quest for building a PC got me here. I'm a filmmaker, yes, but far from making anything like an Avatar or a Life of pie, so I don't need a machine which can do all that. All I'm looking forward to do is some color correction and other basic necessities of editing. Moreover, I'm on an extremely tight budget. Here is the configuration I've come up with:


      CPU: AMD FX 8350 (tight budget; can't afford intel)


      Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 990fx


      Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8gb x 2


      Graphic Card: The popular opinion on this forum suggests GTX 650 Ti Boost and it's well within my budget too, so if you think it's going to do well in an AMD setup, I'll buy it. (It's around $225 here in India)


      Harddrives: Currently I'm using a WD green and it sucks. Currently I'm using the fourth replacement of this Harddrive (I'm serious). DO NOT BUY WD GREEN!

      I have a spare seagate 1 TB 7200 RPM. Will that work fine or is it absolutely necessary to install an SSD?


      NOTE: (this is going to be embarrassing) This is my current system:


      Processor: AMD phenom II X6 1090 t 3.2 Ghz


      Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-880GM (max memory 8 Gb)


      RAM: 1 x Corsair 4 gb + 1 x corsair Vengeance 4 gb


      Graphics Card: *hangs head in shame*


      Harddrive: WD Barracuda Green 1 TB


      With the above configurarion I've been able to edit and render short videos in premiere pro and after effects but only if I don't use any effects. The moment I start using effects esp the third party (like the red giant magic bullet etc) it doesn't render at all. In after effects it just gets stuck after 2 seconds. Could this be happening due to the lack of a graphics card?


      Coming back to the question I asked before 'just how imortant are SSDs?' I know they are super fast and all that but they are super costly too. Is it going to be worth spending on an SSD (post production) when I could spend that amount in the production of the film.


      Also, I mentioned i'm currently using an AMD Phenom II X6. Can I continue with it and drop the idea of an AMD FX 8350?

      Note: I have never overclocked any of the components and never will; Indian summers are too harsh.


      So basically four questions:


      1. Harddrive VS SSDS and if it's worth spending so much on an SSD when I can spend that amount on the film production


      2. Graphics Card: Is the GTX 650 Ti boost the go-to hardware in this setup?


      3. Can I continue with my current AMD phenom II processor?


      4. Why do you think with my current setup I'm not able to render videos when using too many effects?


      5. What is a decent PSU for under $100?


      And an off-topic question:


      6. I'm planning to buy the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera. It records in the cinemaDNG raw format. Can those files be directly imported into premiere pro and worked upon?


      Thanks in advance.