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    Adobe FrameMaker has stopped working

    lisa071 Level 1

      Everytime I update a book, I receive the error message "Adobe FrameMaker 11 has stopped working" and the program closes.


      Details are as follows:


      OS: Windows 7

      FrameMaker Version:

      I have the following extras installed: Microtype TimeSavers, Book Page Count Plug-in, Elmsoft FrameScript, and Enhanced Toolbar.


      The problem occurs when I try to update the book with half or all of the files closed. They all have to be closed in order for the Book Page Count plug-in to work properly (www.frameexpert.com/plugins).


      The book updates just fine when more than half or all of the files are open. Please note that this happens only when I update a book that uses the Book Page Count plug-in.


      Please help!