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    how to use Baskerville bold italic font in iOS?

    pierBover Level 1

      So I want to use bold italic Baskerville. No matter what I do, it always shows up as regular in the device (without bold or italic). My code works fine on desktop.


      I've tried using TextFormat class properties, which work for fonts like Georgia or Helvetica, but it doesn't for Baskerville.


      textFormat.font = "Georgia";
      .bold = true;
      .italic = true;


      I've also tried using the official iOS name of the font which is "Baskerville-BoldItalic" nothing.


      I've listed all the fonts using this

      var allFonts:Array = Font.enumerateFonts(true);


      And it only lists the regular fonts, no bold or italic versions.


      Any ideas on how to make Baskerville render in bold or/and italic?