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    File Crashing on Output - printing/PDF/other

    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Firstly - with any file that is repeatedly crashing make a backup of it Immediately!


      Option 1

      Try to remove corruption using the Export/Save to IDML link to how to here


      Option 2

      1. Determine how many pages in your document
      2. Export or Print your document in halves, i.e., if it's 200 pages then export or print page 1-100 then page 101-200
      3. Keep halving the document pages until you find the problem pages, i.e., 1-100 crashes then try 1-50 and 51-100, then 1-25 and 26-50 etc. until you've found the page(s) that are crashing


      When you've narrowed it down to a single page or multiple pages try to find out what is causing it to crash you can do this by:

      1. Move half the items on the page to the Pasteboard (do not delete them) and try to export again, if it crashes then move more items to the pasteboard and so on until you find the culprit(s)
      2. Recreate the object(s), i.e., if a particular image is causing it to crash, then don't duplicate that frame. You should use File>Place and replace the image within the layout in a new graphic frame.
        1. Images
          1. If the file still crashes then you should resave the image as a complete new file name and different file extension, if it's PSD then save as TIFF or vice versa.
          2. (Note some special file formats like DCS or EPS and PDF should not be opened in Photoshop if they contain vector elements - if you don't know if they do or do not please do not open them in Photoshop)
        2. Text Frames
          1. Copy that text and Place it in a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit to strip all the formatting.
          2. Create a new Text Frame and reimport the text by using File>Import or using Copy and Paste
          3. Restyle the text to your liking



      Any suggestions, edits or other workflows for files that won't output via print or other method, or will not export using File>Export are thoroughly welcome.

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