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    flash site suddenly broken


      -I made this site in Flash with GAIA several years ago/there have been no updates to the site  for at least 8 months and suddenly none of the sub-navs are loading! i am assuming this is an issue with flashplayer updates across browsers (cause when i tested in firefox BEFORE updating it worked and google + safari were updated and it was broken in them/and it works locally when i re-published all the swfs in flash for fp 10)-arghh--i am at a loss what to do now  /

      this is the site:


      if anyone can offer suggestions/tips?/ i appreciate your consideration. thanks.

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          Where are the images you're trying to load coming from? I see you have no crossdomain.xml on that site (http://medriemacphee.com/crossdomain.xml), it's just a 404. If you're loading those images off a subdomain or another site altogether you'll need to make sure the site gives you access to loading the content.


          I see the home page image load so I presume that's embedded and the rest are not?


          There's been nothing media-centric updated in Flash Player that would affect anything I see going on in that site, to answer you. Perhaps you're just getting hit by new security assurances, which is why I suspect some simple crossdomain.xml or a policy file.

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            Mohanaraj Adobe Employee


            As you have rightly pointed out that its an issue with Flash Player Plugin in the Browser, can you please post your query in Flash Player's forum to get this addressed soon?http://forums.adobe.com/community/flashplayer/using_flashplayer

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              you're getting a variety of opinions.  here's mine:


              i think that's a webhost problem.  you can confirm by using an older flash player version.


              if you can confirm (by using an older version that used to display your site correctly - http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html), contact yahoo to see what they've done to break your site.


              though, from my experience, they have terrible customer service so, good luck, with that.  i actually think you would be better off changing webhosts.

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                sinious Most Valuable Participant

                Did you update your flash player debugger executable to the latest 11.7? You say it works locally if you publish for FP10, does it work online published for FP10 as well? Also try running the actual debugger version of the flash player (e.g. on win not just CTRL+ENTER (old player), use the debugger CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER). See if it messes up for that.


                Per your PM, I'd prefer you keep your information here rather than private messages. It lets others help out. I'm still in the process of moving a house several states away and I've been on and off for a couple months during that.


                As for the XML you showed me, it has no syntactical issues. I was able to parse it in Flash and extract info so that part works fine. What would really be useful is the errors you must get inside Flash Pro itself when it tries to load these images. I feel it's just not finding the images. I think if you use the latest 11.7 debugger, because your issue is based on the "latest" player, you'll see some useful IOErrorEvents that can help diagnose the issue.

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