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    ADE won't authorize on Bluefire app

    x100font Level 1

      I've posted this in an earlier post of 2012. I'm hoping someone in the now and in the know can answer.


      I was able to authorize ADE on Bluefire on my Kobo Vox and Kobo Arc for the longest while until recently -like a week ago I had to replace the ARC and suddenly I'm getting an error message when I go to authorize Bluefire. message below:



      Your Adobe account has not been authorized on this device. Please check your username and password and try again.



      Thing is, that same username and pword is fine with my ADE desktop and even to log in to this forum. Any suggestion anyone?  I checked in with Bluefire but they've determined it's an Adobe issue as the error message is coming from Adobe's authentication server(s).

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          sjpt Level 4

          It's possible that you have reached your authorization limit (6 devices), and that it is giving the wrong error message.

          You could try contacting Adobe and getting your authorizations reset, but then you will have to reauthorize all other devices.


          Adobe Live Chat: http://www.adobe.com/support/chat/ivrchat.html



          Another possibility is that there is some password or userid case sensitivity issue that the Bluefire app is getting wrong.

          I have a vague memory that someone had a similar issue on the iPad, maybe with Bluefire.


          You could try installing Overdrive or Aldiko and authorizing that.

          I think the authorization is done by the app but is for the device, so probably if that works, then Bluefire will work.