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    Background missing when export to PDF CS5.5

    Campaign Carlie Level 1



      I have seen some similar posts (all non-current) to the one I am writing however, my issues are not solved by the solutions posted in previous discussions.


      My problem is that when I am exporting an IND file to PDF, when I open the PDF all of my background images are missing. In most examples this is a full page black box. But since testing this problem I have encountered the same issue with any colour and some photographs.


      I am working in CS5.5, with all software up to date (version 7.5.3)


      I have tested this in new documents and old documents that previously would have exported the background.


      These items are not on master pages. I have tested this on brand spankin new pages and existing ones (with and without any elements on master pages)


      I have tested the boxes with and without transparency.


      There is no issue with overprint or the overprint preview check box.


      I have tried saving the file as an .IDML and reopening to see if it will 'debug' the file. I have exported the PDF as every kind of option. I have restarted the computer and the program several times. I have checked for new updates.


      The only way that I have 'cracked' this issue so far is to break the one large background image into at least 3 overlapping solid boxes. It seems that you cant have any box overlap more than 2 page boundaries.


      Is anyone else having this problem or any other advice on what to try.


      Thank you