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    Change Language in real time on several pdf files

    Simone Maddalozzo


      i have Adobe Acrobat Professional X, and i making an interactive pdf for a manual, composed of different files.

      There is a possibility to change the language shown on the pdf?

      On the main page, i want to put two buttons, for two different language (i.e. English and French), by clicking the operator can change the language of the different "Text Field" putted in different files: or example i have the Text Field "manual_E" and "manual_F", "Pneumatic_E" and "Pneumatic_F" etc.) for english and french, and i want that, by clicking on the language button, the fields can be hidden or shown;

      Is possible that? Maybe by using javascript (i'm not good in javascripting, so i need the full code), or in another way?

      I hope to have explained correctly the problem i have.