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    Easy way to batch convert uncompress PSD to compressed ones?

    Miguel Curto Level 1

      I love the ability to save uncompressed PSDs and it really helps boost my productivity and saves a lot of precious time while working but when the time comes to move current work to external backups most of the time dont have the oportunity to resave as compressed PSD to save space.

      Is there any stand alone program (something like DNG converter) that could batch the convertion from uncompress PSDs/PSB to compressed ones?

      I know I can change Photoshop settings and just make an action to do it but its not very practical and its a bit of time waste, if a programa like that could check wheter or not the PSD is already compressed it could skip that one and move to the next.Is there anything like that already?


      Ty in advance.


      Miguel Curto

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Miguel.  I don't see why you couldn't do it with File > Scripts > Image processor, if you changed preferences before running it.  AFAICT you can open and save psd files, and simply chose none of the other options.

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            Miguel Curto Level 1

            I dont think you can instruct Image Processor to work on PSD/PSB only, that would do the trick but as far as I know it currently doesnt.

            EDIT: meaning I currently have to look inside every folder and select PSDs/PSB and process them using the acording action:save as PSD / save as PSB. Some may already be compressed but cant actually tell wich ones.


            Tipically I have a bunch of work folders like:   130709_Name_of_work 

            Inside threre's ussually something like "PSB_layers", "PSD_helpers", "Final_TIFF" and "RAW_chosen" and maybe some others like "Previews" or something that have JPGs.


            I dont wanna convert all images (ex:JPGs,RAWS and TIFFs) to PSD, just the ones inside folder "PSD_layers" and "PSD_helpers" from all work folders, and also if possible keeping  PSD as compress PSD and PSB as compress PSB.


            Any work around to Image Processor that could do it?


            Ty for the imput.



            EDIT 2:


            Had almost forgotten, I once I tried using smart collections in Bridge (that I could then use an action on) using Filename criteria containing ".psd" and ".psb" but for some reason I never actually understood it doesnt work as it doesnt find any images.


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            EDIT 3:


            For some reason had to reset Bridge Preferences, now smart collections are working, guess I solved my own problem as now I can work on PSD or PSB only and use an action to leave it doing overnight,but sometimes it takes a little push to get you there, ty Trevor.

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              Miguel Curto Level 1

              Found a small nagging problem, batch command from photoshop doesnt use same alphabet order as they appear in bridge, when I arrived in the morning it hadnt finished going trought all PSBs (althought I had already recouped 400GB from a 2TB disk that was almost full) so when I tried to resume  didnt really know wich ones had already been processed or not.Date modified gives a hint but then I rememberred:


              Is there any metada info or something alike (something one could use in smart collections filters) that could diferenciate a compress and uncompress PSD/PSB?

              That would be great.


              Ty in advance.