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    Upper half of video is missing (black screen) - Help!!


      missing top half of video.jpg

      I'm working with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and I have all updates installed. This is my first time posting and I've only been using CS6 for a few months so I'm still a newbie. That being said here's my dilemma: a project I had worked on yesterday without any issues is now missing the upper half of the video. I didn't have a problem before and this is the first time I'm having to deal with this. For some reason, the problem is only occuring when I use files larger than 1GB. When I switch to a lower quality video file that is 160MB, for example, I don't have the problem of missing the upper half of the video. I also tried exporting to see if the problem gets corrected during the export process but it also comes out missing the upper half of the video. 


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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