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    PP losing renders on restart

    jwffvm Level 1

      Premier Pro CC is losing renders when project is restarted.  Doesn't matter if it's one clip or a 2 hr program.  I tried opening a new blank sequence and closing all the others before shutting down, but doesn't change anything.  I've made a bug report, but this is a very time consuming problem that needs to be addressed.


      Any suggestions would be most appreciated other than going back to cs6 until it's fixed.


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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          This is an intermittent problem limited to some users.  As of yet, there is no known cause or set of circumstances to reproduce the error.


          If you want to upload a project that has shown the problem, I can test it here.  Zip up the project file and any assets used.  If you have nothing under 10GB, you can start a new 'junk' project.  So long as the error occurs with that project, I can test.


          (When using solid state media, be sure to include the entire card in the ZIP file so that the full folder structure remains intact.  Don't send just the clips used.)



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            I am having the same problem. An update was made this morning and I haven't been able to work since then.

            Every time that I try to PLAY whatever scene of my project it says RENDERING FILES.

            I cannot afford wasting more time with the Premiere "improvements".

            Seriously, this is becoming a nightmare and I am editing a feature movie.

            Is Adobe willing to help or do you guys keep thinking that we have to take whatever bug you send to us and on top of that we have to do your homework and try to fix it for ourselves?

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              jwffvm Level 1

              I did the update and so far have had no problems, just that my renders disappear when I shut down.  I'm just getting together a file for Jim to test.

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                jwffvm Level 1



                Thanks for the offer.  I haven't used the deposit files.com uploader.  Any tips on making it work?


                thx...jim Watt

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  It's pretty self-explanatory.  There's only two buttons, clearly labeled.


                  Did you have any troubles with it?

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                    jwffvm Level 1

                    Still zipping the file, but when I selected tthe link it took me to a promo page explaining how to get the app on my website.  Don't think it's the right link.



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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      Well, it's the right link if you want to learn how to add the code to your web site.  But for the actual upload, there is no 'link', just the Flash uploader with the browse and upload buttons.

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                        jwffvm Level 1

                        I clearly don't get out enough.  Have never used the flash uploader.

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                          jwffvm Level 1

                          OK so I think I got the uploader setup from the deposit files website, just waiting for the zip to complete.



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                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                            Set up?  There's no set up involved.  Just click browse to select your file, and then upload to upload it.

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                              jwffvm Level 1

                              The file is uploaded, called render test.  it's a short multicam sequence from the 60 minute program I just edited.  native material is XDCAM Ex and Nano Flash and the native files, the BPAV folder is what I imported into this new project to get the video.

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                                Jim_Simon Level 8

                                Good, now I just need the link.

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                                  jwffvm Level 1

                                  I was wrong, no files uploaded.  It seems like either this is way too complicated or I'm missing something.

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                                    jwffvm Level 1

                                    I think this may be the link for the zip file.



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                                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                                      Probably the latter.


                                      File Upload 1.png


                                      File Upload 2.png

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                                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                                        That's not it.

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                                          jwffvm Level 1



                                          I spent some time on the phone with Adobe tech support in New Delhi and they soved the issue, I think.  Basically trashed preferences, then he also explained that one should wait for entire project to load before working on it again.  Seems pretty simple and I thought I had trashed the preferences, but maybe not.  Anyway problem is solved.


                                          FYI I've had excellent results with them recently.  They're very knowledgable about the product and will call back & stay with you until the problem is solved.



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                                            Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                                            @jwffvm: Glad to hear both that you seem to have gotten past the issue you were having and that our tech support was so helpful. I'm curious to hear from others who have had problems with PPRO losing track of preview files whether clearing the prefs resolves anything. Meanwhile, I've learned that we are investigating a bug reported within the last month: the presence in a sequence of certain third party plug-ins can result in render preview files getting lost. We've had only mixed success reproducing this bug--the QE who investigated was able to repro on Mac but not Windows, and the developer cannot repro on either platform. So we could use more info from anybody who is having problems with render preview files disappearing for a sequence that includes third party plugins. If you're using multiple plugins, please see if you can isolate which one(s) that correlate to this problem. It might also be worth visiting the website of each plug-in company to see if they already aware of this problem. Also, please report whether the plugin is being used directly in Premiere Pro or in an AE comp that is nested in a PPro sequence. Let me emphasize that we're not trying to pass the buck on this. If plugins prove to be involved in preview files getting lost, the root cause could be on either side. For that reason, I'm not going to cite the name of the company that called this issue to our attention.

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                                              Frisbee head Level 1

                                              I am pretty sure I am having screwed up security issues on my installations. Its constantly asking for me to login and accept terms and conditions in every application almost everytime, depending on whether my inetrnet has been down or up. . I can even be using it an it just starts not working in Prem or AE, and then the

                                              next time I launch - I see that either the ADSL link was doen at some stage overnight or currently down or for some other reasonsignin AGAIN.JPG CC manager is turned off and I can not actually run without being logged onto the internet....its rediculous to say the least. Give me full seats over this online web dependant rubbish...


                                              I am also having issues like a 25p project in Premiere and a 25 p project in AE opening the clips as 30 frames in AE when send to AE from timeline - When I correct the frame rate in AE and try again all of a sudden and for every project afterwards the rotation option on the tracker is greyed out

                                              ...works fine if I am in the incorrect clip frame rate, but not if corrected, but this is all after it thinks I am not a valid user and wants a relog in....


                                              ae grey out.JPG


                                              Everytime I have had major grief it want me to re log in to cloud the very next time I open EVERY SINGLE APP and accept terms - I have to login multiple times from the CC manager as well as the app, and then relog in from the app or it says I am in Trial, etc.... aaaaaaarrrgghhhhhh to say the least. Its been days without sleep now and no products complketed and pissed off clients.


                                              It keeps logging out of CC and then crap happens..... serious crap happens .... lost previews, unsupported codecs, elements greyed out through various parts of software that should be available. If I log in and redo things some thing like unsupported codecs return, but I have lost renders now,... and other things dont improve - either way its not fit for commercial use right now... its a nightmare in groundhogs day.


                                              This software has issues.... real issues. I think its antipiracy measure gone awall, but I have mentiuoned this before in othe threads.

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                                                Frisbee head Level 1

                                                Capture.JPGnot supported mxf.JPGnot supported.JPGCapture2.JPG

                                                Some of the lovelies we get if the internet goes down and CC manager isnt connected. Most seem fine if its connected first and stays connected for the whole session. My internet has been a bit all over the shop this week which appears to have waved a red flag to a bull on this softwares antipiracy meassures. At least thats what it feels like in the firing line.

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                                                  Frisbee head Level 1

                                                  Its a bit rugged when its own generated preview files are 'not supprted' dont you reckon.

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                                                    Frisbee head Level 1

                                                    asfter reboot and relog in.JPG

                                                    And after a relog in on CC manager and dual relogins on each and every app and re acceptings the terms and conditions on every app....see the rotation is active again.......

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                                                      Jim_Simon Level 8
                                                      Some of the lovelies we get


                                                      What is your preview format?  What you're seeing kind of makes sense if you're losing activations, so I wonder if your preview issues would straighten themselves out if the activation issue was corrected.

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                                                        Frisbee head Level 1

                                                        thanks Jim,

                                                        I had tried running CC as administrator already, as well as the descreet apps.  Not that we should have to do this...


                                                        My point with the issues with AE is that I hink its linked to problems with the screwy antipiracy as well. It works, then doesnt, then re login cc and reauth several times to get it past 'expired trial mode' ( have never run a trial mode )

                                                        and then the functions re-appear and work again.

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                                                          Frisbee head Level 1

                                                          Agree - thats where my head is right now. Screwy antipiracy destroying valid users experiences - and probably not stopping pirates anyway. Not sure why regstered users are the only ones that ever feel this level of pain. We have several projects suffering meltdown. i have had this on several xdcam 422 1080p projects as well as AVCHD, and DNXHD220x




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                                                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                                                            Yeah, all three of those codec would require an activation to work.  Try changing to Microsoft AVI using Uncompressed for a project or two.  See if those errors still show up.  It's not a 'solution', but it might help determine a cause.

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                                                              KleWe Level 1

                                                              back to topic: renderfiles lost


                                                              stil same probleme here after many hours of testing and adobe support.
                                                              no solution


                                                              fact: after restarting PPCC the renderfiles (links) are lost. (rendered files are stil there in renderfiles folder but not linked to timeline after restart)
                                                              - no 3th party plugins used

                                                              - only the links to renderfiles of clips with the effect "warp stabilizer" are lost, all others are relinked and available after restart!
                                                              - timeline contains multiformats (canon h264,  gopro, redraw, titles and dpx sequences) @ 1080/25p and MPEG I-Frame rendering (standard)

                                                              but not only restarting premiere unlinking the renderfiles, also when we "delete and close" a gap in the timeline: the green rendered warp-stabilizer footage went from green to red... (all! not only those who are moved)


                                                              Mac OSX 10.8.4 | Premiere Pro CC 7.0.1 (105)


                                                              @ adobe
                                                              if it is usefull for adobe, you can contact me for remote-desktop session every time. try yourself if you don't believe


                                                              cheers dennis

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                                                                Jill Woodward Level 1

                                                                I created a copy of a sequence that was exhibiting the problem, and removed plug-in effects. I did a preview render and took a screen grab so I could track it easier. Then closed the project, did some other work, re-opened and took another screen grab. Greens to red. PP render sequence grab.jpgPP post-render sequence grab.jpgSo for me, removing plug-ins did not solve the issue. Asset formats: XDCAM HD422 1080i60 (primary footage), plus h.264 AVC, Animation, ProRes 422, and some PP titles. It is the h.264 which stayed yellow and the others which all had levels/color adjustments went from green to red.

                                                                • 30. Re: PP losing renders on restart
                                                                  Jill Woodward Level 1

                                                                  It appears I resolved the render issue while troubleshooting another annoying thing, constant indexing and conforming, which was happening very frequently, even when switching back and forth from PP to Media Encoder, and also the web, or even the finder. So searching forums on that issue led me to untick the "write XMP ID to files on import" box in media preferences. After restarting Premiere, and doing a preview render, I found the issue to be resolved, basically, at least in two separate projects. The annoying index/conform thing seems to have chilled now too. So I guess these are somehow related, I hope this can help someone else. (edited to add:) The sequences which are now stable both have 3rd party plugin effects.


                                                                  So what am I missing by unchecking this?

                                                                  • 31. Re: PP losing renders on restart
                                                                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                                                                    So what am I missing by unchecking this?



                                                                    • 32. Re: PP losing renders on restart
                                                                      Jill Woodward Level 1

                                                                      If anyone from Adobe is listening, perhaps having "write XMP ID to files on import" checked by default is causing more problems than it's worth.

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                                                                        Zac Lam Adobe Employee

                                                                        Hi Dennis (KleWe),


                                                                        I can reproduce here using the Warp Stabilizer on Mac, thanks for that recommendation.  The tracking number for this bug (Certain effects need to be re-rendered after reopening project on MacOS) is #3581654.





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                                                                          jamesp2 Level 1

                                                                          Here's an explanation of that function, from another thread, from Adobe:


                                                                          "The Write XMP ID To Files On Import option tells Premiere Pro to add a single piece of XMP metadata to the source file itself. This is basically a unique identifying number that can then be used by the various applications that understand XMP metadata to tell which file is being used where. So, yes, it does modify the source file. If you don't want that to happen, then make sure that this checkbox is unchecked."


                                                                          Given the naming conventions of AVCHD, disabling the option could cause problems later.  Who knows.  However, if you don't have files with duplicate names, maybe not.

                                                                          • 35. Re: PP losing renders on restart
                                                                            jamesp2 Level 1

                                                                            That "fix" didn't work in my case.  Your experience sounds more like a coincidence, because sometimes the renders do hold, though not often.

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                                                                              RyanGV Level 1

                                                                              Having the same issues with render files not loading up when I re-open a project in Premiere CC. It happens to every clip with warp stabilizer and also some other clips with no stabilizer but effects like sharpen, color correction, etc.  Here are my results so far:


                                                                              -Create new sequence before saving - didn't work

                                                                              -Uncheck 'write xmp id to files'  - didn't work

                                                                              -Trash preferences w/ Alt+Shift - worked after first restart/re-render, stopped working after that


                                                                              I also thought it might have something to do with being in a project that was converted from CS6, so I created a fresh project in CC with just one clip using warp stabilizer, same problem with render files not loading.

                                                                              • 37. Re: PP losing renders on restart

                                                                                Same issue here as well. CC not recognizing rendered files with Stabilizer after reopening a project. Also happening in my case with clips containing Neat Video. Tried uncheck "write xmp id to files" and no dice. I'm on a PC - Win 7 64. Can anyone from Adobe verify a bug with Stabilizer on both platforms? I see you verified Mac but didn't see PC.


                                                                                Thanks much,



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                                                                                • 38. Re: PP losing renders on restart
                                                                                  Zac Lam Adobe Employee

                                                                                  Yes, good point, I've verified it on Windows too.  Bug # is the same.

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                                                                                    MJFeliciano Level 1

                                                                                    Have anybody found a real solution to the loss of rendered files after reopening project. I have the latest version of PP CC running on Mac OS X 10.8.4 and have that issue with clips with Warp Stabilizer applied within PP.  I believe it also happens if they are dynamic link from After Effects with Warp Stabilizer. So it is probably that specific effect.

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