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    Why doesn't the scatter graph display properly??

    YogeshM Level 1

      I've already posted a thread regarding scatter graph but nobody (not even from Macromedia!) has been able to give me an answer and I've been trying on my own since then, but to no avail!

      I refer to WhazzInAName said on Dec 31, 2004 at 9:51 AM on Cfchart Livedocs

      I copied only the scatter graph part, pasted it in a CFM page and run it. It displayed fine.

      However, if I try to add more than 1 value for a particular chartdata item, e..g.

      <cfchartdata item="25" value="99.357">
      <cfchartdata item="25" value="90">
      <cfchartdata item="25" value="65">

      The graph only displays the value 65, but not the other 2!

      I tried plotting the same values in an Excel chart and there was no problem at all. All points displayed correctly!!!

      What's wrong with this cfchart?? Why isn't it displaying the other 2 values???

      Also, there is no possibility with the chart in Report Builder to specify sortxaxis="yes" xaxistype="scale" yaxistype="scale", or is it available somewhere?

      Thanks and regards,
      Yogesh Mahadnac