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    Switching a laptop display adapter for onlocation CS5

    Dan 101 Level 1

      I'm attempting to ensure that Onlocation CS5 uses the fastest display adapter on my laptop.  I have a Lenovo laptop with an i7 processor running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.  Under the Device Manager my listed display adapters include the integrated Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, and an Nvidia NWS 4200M card I bought to get the best possible performance when recording video with Onlocation.  I've read about using the Nvidia display panel to select the higher power Nvida display under MANAGE 3D Graphics:  Global Settings.  The choices are: 1 Auto Select.  2. HIgh Performance Nvidia Processor.  3. Integrated Graphics.


      I understand Auto Select is a battery saving device so the higher powered graphics card doesn't engage until it is needed.


      But...it seems as though this only anticipates the Nvidia card would be used for 3D gaming.   When I switch to "Program Settings" to add a program to the list that will always use the higher powered processor, Photoshop and Premiere and Encore are options, but On Location is not.


      In this situation, is Onlocation using the Nvidia processor or the built in graphics card?


      Should I use the BIOS setup to change the display adapter to nvidia?


      Or is there no advantage to switching to the Nvidia display because Onlocation is a two diminsional program?