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    Seem like incorrect placement of code within "_edgeActions.js" file.


      Using edge animate, When I implement code for compositionReady action, it adds Symbol.bindElementAction to _edgeActions.js file.

      However, it seems that the call to bindElementAction is added outside of - function(symbolName){})("stage"),  causing error  "symbolName" is not defined.

      (Please refer to expected/actual code fragements pasted at the end of this question.)


      * = Note that when I create a project locally from scratch the code is added at correct location.

           When I work on the project sent by a colleague, and I try to add the compositionReady event, I run into this issue.


      What might be the issue here?

      Is there any setting that I can change so that the code placement is accurate?


      Any help/pointers are appreciated.

      Please let me know if I can provide more info, I am a very new to Edge.


      EXPECTED result:

      (function($,Edge,compId){var Composition=Edge.Composition,Symbol=Edge.Symbol;

      //Edge symbol: 'stage'

      (function(symbolName){Symbol.bindElementAction(compId,symbolName,"document","compositionRe ady",function(sym,e){alert('test');});

      //Edge binding end


      //Edge symbol end:'stage'




      ACTUAL result:

      (function($,Edge,compId){var Composition=Edge.Composition,Symbol=Edge.Symbol;

      //Edge symbol: 'stage'

            Symbol.bindElementAction(compId, symbolName, "document", "compositionReady", function(sym, e) {

               // insert code to be run when the composition is fully loaded here

               alert('I am here');


            //Edge binding end

      ------>>(function(symbolName){})("stage"); <<------- code is expected to be added inside this function.

         //Edge symbol end:'stage'

      })(jQuery, AdobeEdge, "EDGE-10506555");

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          GenericPerson1958 Level 1

          To update on this,

          I see that when creative developer sends me a project,

          published as web project, then zipped, and then if code for compositionReady event is authored,

          code is added to the right place within the edgeActions file.


          However, when project is sent as *.oam file, which I rename to zip, unpack it and then if I add compositionReady event,

          the code is placed incorrectly, and I run into the problem mentioned above.


          For now, I can just request creative developer to send me a zipped project as opposed to oam package.


          Version of adobe edge animate I have is:, not sure if this is expected.

          Ideally I would have loved to use oam package for this.


          Would appreciate any thoughts/feedback.

          If this looks like a bug with AdobeEdge Animate, please let me know if I can report it through appropriate channel.


          Thanks for your time reading this post.

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            CindyJones-Hulfachor Level 1

            I recently found that the order that you add coding to the Stage (for example) Resize and compositionReady affects the order that the code is written into the   ...edgeActions.js file. While building a new example of Edge Commons Adaptive Layout the adaptive layouts wouldn't work. By looking through Simon Widjaja's example project I could see that my new project was saving the coding in the wrong order.

            So I deleted Resize and compositionReady in my new project and tested it, that was my problem. Maybe this could be helpful to you.

            Good luck.


            Cindy J-H

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