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    Location of image tags


      I am using Word 2010 and Acrobat Pro X.


      I am testing the conversion of a word document to pdf and studying the location of the image tags on each page.


      I will explain 3 scenarios and ask the question at the end.


      (1) Using File, Print to Pdf, no tags are created.  You can add tags in Acrobat, and the image tags are placed in the correct order.


      (2) From Word, Create PDF, tags are created, but the image tags are placed at the end of the page structure.


      (3) Send as pdf by email - image tags are created, but the image tags are placed at the end of the page structure.


      Question: Why are the image tags placed in different locations depending on the method used to create the pdf.


      If tags are deleted and readded in acrobat, the content of the page goes into its correct order.


      How you can test this:

      Create a new blank word document.

      Insert some text, and a few images, then convert to pdf using the 3 methods above.

      View the results of each document in Acrobat using the Tags pane, the Order pane, and the Content pane.

      do you have the same results as I get.

      then remove all tags, and readd them via acrobat "Add tags to Document".

      Do the tags turn up in the correct order, and using the Read out Loud feature, does the page read in the correct order.

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          raeben3 Level 3

          I have gotten this result sometimes. I am also running Word 2010 and Acrobat X. In my experience the Figure tags are grouped at the top of the Tags panel, not at the bottom.


          In some cases it seems to be related to how you have placed the graphics in Word.


          If possible in your layout, try placing them "inline with Text" and see if your results change.