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    Can not open Classic ASP files in upgraded CC version of Dreamweaver


      Hi All


      Trying to simply open a classic asp file in my new version of Dreamweaver, won't work.


      I had to reimage my machine that had my Creative Cloud subscription on it, but still had CS6 version on it. Did the diactivation etc so licencing all OK.


      I have installed again on the new build but got the CC version as that is now the current version. Problem as so many people are finding CC don't support .asp files (or even the .aspx files)

      won't even open the file.


      I have tried converting the extentions in the disabled folder to the new format get a missing file error so can't do that.


      So OK CC not for us, how do I get CS6 back you might ask. Simple from the response of the Adobe Chat support see below, I have to first pay a penelty charge to cancel my subscription and then BUY CS6 CD, sorry but thats what I bought 3 months ago, and I've already paid for it in the subscription for CS6.


      If I could have a response from adobe at this ridiculus level of support that would be great, and if someone could tell this old engineer how to open his files (and not via notepad or VS2012, not in the mood for jokes) that would be even better.



      For the many people who like me have used dreamweaver since the machromedia days a comment like "you will just have to buy the old version you had last week....' is just not good enough.


      David, a very unhappy customer.