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    Color Temperature Value in CS6 RAW is wrong


      In  Photoshop CS6 RAW Converter Color Temperature Values are lower (Set to 'as Shot') than the image was shot.

      ExifTool or even AcdSee read the correct values, not CS6. A Jpg image shot at the same time looks correct.

      For example, an image shot whith 5880K shoes up with 5550K and looks  bluer. The difference is not constant, for example 7690k shows up as 7000K.

      Is it a bug, or am I blind?






      My system is Win7 64bit with CS6 13.0.1. x64 with RAW (up to date today)

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          b2martin_a Level 2

          Color temperature in Adobe Camera RAW has a value for Temperature and Tint, not a single value as you listed.  If you shot the image with a value of 5880 set for color temperature in the camera, it will not show up as 5880 in Adobe Camera RAW - two values are required for this RAW converter.  I suspect the reason the image in Adobe Camera RAW does not match the jpg from the camera is Adobe Camera RAW is using a different camera profile to render the image than the camera.  The default camera profile for Adobe Camera RAW is Adobe Standard, which is not available in the camera.  If you want the rendered image using Adobe Camera RAW to match the jpg from the camera you need to use the same camera profile as the camera.  You did not mention what camera you are using - Adobe has generated camera matching profiles for Nikon, Canon and some other cameras, but not all.  Click on the camera calibration tab (picture of camera) and then click the camera profile to see what camera profiles are availalbe for your camera and select the one with a name of Camera XXXX, where XXXX is the same as what is available in your camera.  If camera matching profiles are not available for your camera, then your only option is to generate a custom camera profile for your camera to get one that is a better match to the camera profile.