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    Broken Links (image) in email newsletter

    deansawyer Level 1

      Hi I have created a newsletter in BC using the Email marketing online tools to be emailed to clients but when I go to test that email (sent it to my personal gmail account) the image has a broken link.

      From what I understand the image needs to be a direct link ie 'www.yoursite.com/images/picture01.jpg' however I don't have a site to put this image in.

      I assumed that by uploading the image to BC (via insert image > IMAGE MANAGER > upload files) my image was stored somewhere in the Adobe 'BC Cloud' so therefore the image would be pulled from that source automatically (READ: magically via the Adobe cloud system). If this is not the case how do I find out the exact address for my image root so that I can paste that address into the image source dialog box?


      Additionally I accidently uploaded my image in the image manager dialog box to the root folder and should have placed it into the 'images' folder, how can I move this image into that folder? (obviously drop and drag isn't working for me)