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    Crop Ratio Camera Raw / Scott Kelby Book for Digital Photographers


      From the Book of Scot Kelby regarding the Camera Raw usage.

      - The Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 Book for Digital Photographers

      Chapter 2. WWF Raw: The Essentials of Camera Raw > Cropping and Straightening


      If you reopen your cropped photo again in Camera Raw, you’ll see the cropped version. To bring back the cropping border, just click on the Crop tool. To remove the cropping altogether, press the Esc or Delete (PC: Backspace) key on your keyboard (or choose Clear Crop from the Crop tool’s pop-up menu). If you want your photo cropped to an exact size (like 8×10″, 13×19″, etc.), choose Custom from the Crop tool’s pop-up menu to bring up the dialog you see here. You can choose to crop by inches, pixels, or centimeters.



      In this topic Scott Kelby is explaining Crop Ratio for ACR 7.x

      In this version there is the possibility for Crop Ratio to Inches, CM and Pixels. However with the Newer version this option is no longer available.


      Hopefully this will safe some of you the time looking for this.