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    Presenter 9 installation failed - can't uninstall v.8, does not appear in control panel

    Don Boyes

      I am trying to install Presenter 9, but I am getting an error that says "A conflicting or prerelease version of Adobe Presenter 9.0 exists on this computer.  The conflicting version must be removed before installing from the current media.".  From what I have read on the forums, I am interpreting this to mean I should uninstall Presenter 8 first.  According to the instructions, I should be able to remove it using the Programs and Features control panel, but Presenter does not appear there (if I open PPT it is still there, so I know v.8 is still installed).  I have tried using the AdobeCreativeCloudCleanerTool but Presenter does not appear as an option for removal.  Can you please tell me how I can uninstall Presenter 8 so I can install Presenter 9? I am using PPT 2010 32 bit and trying to install Presenter 9 32 bit.  Thanks.