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    ColdFusion.navigate(url, 'w2');

    iccsi Level 1

      I use following code to have my CFGRID to navigate to my page.

      It navigates to the same Windows,

      I would like to have it has a new Windows.


      ColdFusion.navigate(url, 'w2');


      <cfwindow name="w2" title="CF Window 2" initShow=true

          x=250 y=10 width="200">

          This is a second cfwindow control.



      I got import tags for CFFORM missing, use CFAJAXIMPORT error message.


      I tried to use to ColdFusion.Winow.create in the javascript function, but I got ColdFusion is not an object or it is null error.

      Can you please advise any way to create a navigate a link from a CFGRID to let user get current record details information?


      Your help and information is great appreciated,