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    Publish + Share - Batch Mode Feature Suggestion




      Firstly, I would just like to say I used Premiere Elements 2.0 many years ago, and have recently upgraded to version 11, and really like all of the new features.


      I had a project recently with multiple video clips, where I wanted to export specific sections of the timeline to different files, in a specific format (MP4). I don't think there's any kind of batch mode currently, but I would find this very useful - quite often I want to perform this type of export, and it would be great to have a feature where you could add entries in a list for different parts of the timeline, then specify the output file format, filename and location. Then doing 'export all' would go through, render all the chosen sections, and export each one to the specified filename. This would be a lot more convenient than manually exporting each section.


      Something to consider for a later version maybe?