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    PE 11: Questions




      I am looking to purchase Premiere Elements 11, but I wanted to make sure my cameras would be supported; I had a couple other questions as well. My operating system is Windows 8; one of my cameras is brand new HD, the other is a few years old.


      1. Does anyone know for sure if PE 11 supports the file extensions .mts and .MOD?

      2. Is an internet connection required for PE 11?

      3. Would a laptop be able to run the software fairly smoothly?


      Thanks in advance for any advice.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1 - file extension is about like saying "a loaf of bread" without saying what is inside the bread wrapper... oat, whole wheat, etc

          The brand/model camera is needed, so someone who has the same brand/model may comment

          Read Bill Hunt on a file type as WRAPPER http://forums.adobe.com/thread/440037

          What is a CODEC... a Primer http://forums.adobe.com/thread/546811

          What CODEC is INSIDE that file? http://forums.adobe.com/thread/440037

          Also Read Hunt on Using MOD/TOD files http://forums.adobe.com/thread/699990


          2 - yes, for activation and, I think, to download parts of the program when they are first used


          3 - maybe... depending on the laptop... again, brand/model information needed

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            1. Does anyone know for sure if PE 11 supports the file extensions .mts and .MOD?

            2. Is an internet connection required for PE 11?

            3. Would a laptop be able to run the software fairly smoothly?


            I would strongly encourage you to download and install the free 30 day tryout of Premiere Elements 11 before purchase in order to get the definitive answer on how Premiere Elements 11 will working with your specific computer environment as well as support your source media.


            (1) If you use MOD widescreen 16:9, there will be a problem in that, even with the DV Widescreen project preset, the video will present as 4:3 instead of 16:9. The workaround for that is using Interpret Footage to change Pixel Aspect Ratio Conform to: , followed by making an necessary minor scaling adjustments in the Edit Mode Monitor.


            The video with the file extension .mts need to be evaluation considering video and audio compression along with the.mts wrapper type. Most are supported but problems are reported related to thumbnails in the Elements Organizer.


            (2) Regarding Internet connection and product activation, please check out the following among other things...



            (3) Laptop would need definition in terms of resources and whether or not it met Premiere Elements System Requirements.


            Those are my thoughts on this for now.





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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              I agree with the need to know the specific brand and model of the MOD camera, as there are some variations within the MOD wrapper, and those can differ from mfgr. to mfgr.


              Also, PrE 11 can work well on a laptop, as I do that constantly, BUT my laptop is probably more powerful than about 85% of the desktops on the market, so it's not quite fair, or accurate to say that "a laptop" can handle PrE just fine - some can, but many cannot.


              More detail from brf_81 will be needed to give a positive answer.



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Agreed. But, I have not found a mod widescreen yet, independent of the camera manufacturer, that did not present with the aspect ratio issue of the 16:9 presenting as 4:3 and needing an assist from Premiere Elements' Interpret Footage and minor scaling in its Edit Mode Monitor.



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                  brf_81 Level 1

                  Thank you all for your responses and advice. I apologize for the late reply, I had to go out of town on short notice and have just returned.


                  Here are the camera brands and models:

                  -JVC HD Enverio GZ-EX355BU (file extension AVCHD, .mts)

                  -Panasonic 40 GB Hard Disk Drive SDR-H40 (file extension .MOD)


                  On the laptop, I was actually considering purchasing a laptop and was hoping I could run the program on it...I am unsure of just how powerful a laptop to purchase. If anyone has any recommendations as far as number of cores, processor speeds, etc., that would be great. I would prefer to not have to buy a crazy expensive one, but a smoothly-running program would be nice.


                  I have of course read the system requirements and such, but I would rather hear from actual users as to what kinds of computers work best for them.


                  Thanks again in advance for any advice.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    I have Premiere Elements 10 and 11 on a Windows 8 64 bit laptop and they are running well for the type of video sources that you describe.


                    It is not a top of the line laptop. It can be characterized in part by


                    dual core

                    3.2 GHz

                    8.0 GB RAM installed

                    500 GB capacity internal hard drive

                    Intel HD Graphics


                    I can run Premiere Elements on computers (laptop or desktop) with less and more. No matter how powerful your computer, there is no escaping the mod widescreen issue. And, the players that you have or do not have installed on your computer will impact the codec situation. And, there may be times when .mts may not display an image thumbnail in the Elements Organizer that comes with Premiere Elements. Nothing to do with power of the computer that is apparent to me.


                    I have worked with Premiere Elements will less as well as more computer resources and have gotten good results. But, the key is that Premiere Elements as a 64 bit application running on a 64 bit computer will get the larger project taken to a successful conclusion more often than it as the 32 bit application whether .mts or .mod or other. As a reminder, Premiere Elements 10 and 11 are 64 bit applications ONLY when run on Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit and for Premiere Elements 11 also Mac 64 bit.


                    Nothing replaces evaluating your specific footage in your own specific computer environment, if possible before any purchases.



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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      >If anyone has any recommendations (laptop)


                      These are more aimed at Premiere Pro... but the lines blur between products



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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Your question seems to target use of your specific source media with Premiere Elements 11 and Windows 8 64 bit laptop, not necessarily

                        a generalized question on what laptop should I buy. And, you are looking for users who have been there and done that with Premiere Elements under the specified conditions. That is the way I have interpreted your question.


                        I hesitate to make this comment since you may already be aware of it, but I will mention it nonetheless. Just one for now, video card recommendations for Premiere Pro are not in the same league as those for Premiere Elements which cannot take advantage of video card properties to the same level as Premiere Pro. So, if you are thinking to improve your situation with a high powered video card under the conditions that you described, I do not believe that will be to your advantage.