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    Losing Layer focus PS CC?


      I frequently create multiple paths on a single layer with the intention of applying a stroke to each of them at the same time.  I typically lay out the paths roughly and then go in with the Direct Select tool to refine them before applying the stroke.

      In previous versions, once I'd made the last adjustment I would click off the subpath I'd been editing and then right-click and choose Stroke Path, thereby applying the stroke to each of the paths.  (If I don't deselect the last sub-path I was working on, the only option I get on right-click is to stroke that sub-path.)

      In CC, once I click in a blank area to deselect the sub-path it also deselects the Layer (removes the highlight from the Layer in the Layer Panel), so most of my right-click options are greyed out. I have to move back over to the Layer Panel and reselect the Layer I want to apply the strokes on.

      It's possible that my old approach is bad and I should feel bad, and this added step of having to re-highlight the Layer in the Layer Panel is the bestest thing ever, but I'd kind of like to be able to avoid that additional step.  That is, I'm assuming that this is somehow a feature and not a bug.

      If there's no way around having to reselect the Layer after deselecting the sub-path (or after clicking on a blank area with the Direct Select tool in general), in the alternative, is there at least a quick way to select all of the sub-paths at once without losing Layer focus?