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    GPU hardware not being used to export video even though it's selected in project settings


      Hi everyone.


      I've been using Premier Pro CS6 for a while and have had the GPU Acceleration enabled. It was working fine both in the preview and made things render WAY faster. However, I've recently updated my graphics drivers and while the preview render is playing fine, when I go to actually export and render it, it seems to be using the CPU to render it and thus takes MUCH longer... is there an option somewhere for that or something.


      Now some background info.:
      I'm using Windows 7 64-bit and I have an NVIDIA GTX 560. I know that wasn't originally supported, but I used a .bat file to add it in. That shouldn't really make a difference though as it was working fine before the driver update.

      I am now using the 320.49 driver. Before I was using one from January (can't remember the exact number) If I can't figure anything out then I'll rollback, but there are some other things outside of Premier that could use the update.


      Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks.