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    Indesign CS6 Printing Issues


      Having looked at the forums and found Adobe support less than helpful I am hopping that the comunite will be able to help me out on these frustrating issues.


      We are having a number of issues while trying to print from InDesign CS6 to our OKI C830 printer


      Our setup: 

      OS: Windows 8 64bit

      InDesign CS6 Version: 8.0.1

      Printer drivers: PS: & PLC:

      Printer: Oki C830 /256mb RAM / V1.16


      Issues while printing from InDesign:


      • Printing multiple pages causes an error - undefined offending command stack error
        • After printing the first page successfully we get the error above.
        • I implemented the fix outlined in the following link: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2878922#2878922
          • Changed the print option from Binary to ASCII – this helped in so much that we could then print one or two pages as needed.


      • Booklet printing – When trying to print a booklet it seems that the spread is not understood by the printer
        • Try to print a booklet from ID 6 the pages are printed at random onto a single A4/3 sheet of paper.


      As a work around we are fourced to create the document in ID CS6 and then expoort it to ID CS4 for printing.


      Also as a side note I have tried printing to our old HP printers and they work fine. Also this issue was present on Windows 7x32 as well.


      Thanks in advance for any help provided.





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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Printing has never been ID's strong point and to be honest, I don't

          remember the last time I tried to.


          Export a PDF and print that. On Windows you should have no trouble using

          the Print to PDF function of Acrobat.

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            bb-marketing Level 1

            Hi Bob,


            Thanks for your answer. While this is a solution it seems that it is not ideal if you are utalizing this feature on a daily basis. The main issue that we have is that it used to work in CS4.


            According to our marketing team the steps to print a booklet if exported to PDF is as follows. If there is an easier way please do let me know! 


            Steps Printing from InDesign CS6 to PDF 


            Create pdf in from indesign presets

            • overwrite file? Yes
            • Select compatibility version
            • Export
            • Cue info box(es) if there is overlapping text/hidden objects/broken links

            Open pdf from saved location

            • Select page thumbnails
            • Rearrange 20 or so pages in to numerical order
            • Squint at thumbnails – rearrange again

            Hit print

            • Select booklet
            • Specify orientation (reading view)
            • Go to properties
            • Select both side and edge options
            • Select page orientation (paper view)
            • Hit ok a couple of times

            Sit back and hope the combination gives you the right document

            Also if you need to change the printers marks/crop/colour bars/bleed etc. Go all the way back to create pdf and select the options in there by going into another properties screen then repeat all the steps.


            Steps Printing from InDesign straight to printer


            Go to print booklet

            • Hit print (it remembers all the selected settings)


            I look forward to hearing from you.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Not quite.


              In ID, File > Print Booklet... From the printer dropdown choose Adobe PDF. Do your normal setup.


              Print the booklet to PDF, then print the resulting PDF normally from Acrobat. Each page of your PDF will be one imposed spread.

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                bb-marketing Level 1

                Hi Peter,


                Thanks for the info - unfortunetly when we tried to do that we got an error..




                This is proving to be a very frustrating issue. Any additional troubleshooting tips would be greatly apreciated.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  OK, this is either a problem in the file, or something about the setup in Print Booklet. Can you print the file without Print Booklet to the Adobe PDF printer? If you can, we need to explore the settings in Print Booklet. If not, see Adobe Community: File Crashing on Output - printing/PDF/other for troubleshooting techniques.

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                    The issues you are having can be caused by driver conflicts on the Operating system. If windows * installed the drivers automatically, it may be the wrong drivers. If they were installed from the disc, they may be outdated for Windows 8.

                    Please take the following steps.

                    1. If printer is connected by usb, disconnect the usb cable from the computer. If printer is connected on network, turn printer off.
                    2. Click start then click "Devices and Printers".
                    3. Right click on printer icon and click "Remove Device"
                    4. After icon is gone, single left click on Microsoft Document writer and then click Print server Properties at top of page.
                    5. Click on the drivers tab at the top of that window. Select anything that says "Oki" and select remove. Then select remove driver and driver package.
                        The driver package may not remove but it's ok as long as the driver is successfully removed.
                    6. Go to okidata.com and click on "Support" at top of page. In the grey area, select download a driver.
                    7. Next to select technology, click the dropdown window and select multifunctional product.
                    8. Another dropdown window will appear. Select the MC860MFP.
                    9. You will see three boxes. The center one will be titled "Find a Driver". Select Windows 7 X64 edition.
                    10. Select English MC860nMFP Series 64 Bit PS Driver for Windows (This will be the fifth option down.)
                    11. In the Driver Download Info box to the right, click the blu underlined file titled MC860Win7x64PS_ENU130.exe
                    12. Follow the installation instructions.

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                      bb-marketing Level 1

                      Hi Peter,


                      Thanks for the link that helped us to resolve the issue. It turns out that in CS6 you can't paste an image into your file. While it works in CS4 it seems that CS6 is more sensitive about things like that.

                      Once we found the offending images saved them into Photoshop and linked them to our file everything is printing out beautifully.


                      Again many thanks for everyone’s help, it’s much appreciated.





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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        Nothing has changed about pasting images in CS6, do it's more likley that some corruption of the image data or frame crept into the file somehow. But because nothing has changed, I'll also say that pasting from photoshop is not a recommended workflow. Linking is the way to go.