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    Premiere Pro 5 Image/Sequence FRUSTRATION


      Hello, my name is Chris, and I would classify myself as a noob,I have used the program variously over the years, but never for something as specific as I have to do now.  I am putting together a video slide show of 6 city-images and then will be adding text and zooming and panning. I am to be designing the video to be played on an LG 42" LCD, with aspect ratio of 16/9.


      I have my photos cropped and finished in photoshop. The pictures are 1920x1080 and 300 dpi. I have been importing the photos into premiere as jpgs, and then creating a new sequence by dropping an image onto the NEW ITEM Icon. I was under the impression this would create the sequence to the image size and all should be well. When I text the movie, the image quality is total ***, or the image moves up and down.


      Alternatively, I have tried the settings with NTSC widescreen 16/9 settings to the same disastorous results...


      I have no idea what I am doing wrong with the settings. Some guidance please!! And thank you.