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    Premiere CC Lacks Quicktime Export Options-But AME, AE, have them

    JessicaLWhite Level 1

      So, I recently upgraded to CC from CS6. Until this evening, the only projects I've used CC to edit have been with h.264 quicktime wrapped files. Today my project requires that I use some ProRes quicktime files. In the past, I never had any problems with ProRes (on CS6); I still have FCP7 installed on my system (see specs below), so this isn't a liscening problem. But today I go to import ProRes files and get the following error message: "File Import Failure - We were unable to open the file on the disk."


      I tried with several different codec types with a quicktime wrapper (animation, all flavors of ProRes, DVCPROHD) and the only ones that import are the XDCAM and h.264 codecs.


      So, here's the rub: I don't have any quicktime export options from the Premiere export window. However, in AME and After Effects, I can import and export ProRes footage just fine. I've read through a number of similiar cases, and I tried all the advice (re-download apple's prores codecs, located here: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1396); manually install the codecs into library>quicktime, clear caches, trash perfs, and many, many restarts but to no avail. The only thing I haven't done yet is delete premiere and re-install, but I'd prefer not to have to do that as of how time consuming that process is (especially when I have to go and re-install a number of plugins I've purchased).


      Just to reiterate: I do have quicktime and the professional apple applications (I even purchased a new copy of compressor this evening, just to make sure it didn't have to do with the fact I had all the FCP7 software and not any of the FCPX stuff) installed.


      If there is any solution to this, so I can use those codecs on premiere that would be most helpful. Thank you!


      Computer specs:


      3.2 Ghz mid2010 21" iMac

      12 GB Ram

      OS X v10.8.4