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      • 160. Re: Missing Fonts
        Matthew Laun Adobe Employee
        Search for "Arial Narrow" in our Knowedgebase at adobe.com/support and you'll find this doc:
        "Arial Narrow font not available or incomplete in Creative Suite applications (Windows)" (kb402845)

        The solution is in there.

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          Hi Christopher,

          Can you give me a step by step on how you got the fonts loaded into the CS folders. I have CS3 running on a new Windows XP 64 bit cpu.

          I would love to see my postscript fonts in Adobe programs if possible.
          (They show up in Word and PPT...but no Adobe component).
          There is no choice but to use this OS, and I use Adobe all day long.

          I do not have ATM installed, but just used Windows install.
          I would like mine to work like yours, if I can...


          • 162. Re: Missing Fonts

            i've been publishing in windows for along time...i've had to watch things like file path length and limited memory for fonts and so i have all of my fonts in a folder outside of the system folder and organized by font type:


            so luckily for me, all i had to do was make a shortcut in the CS fonts directory:

            C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts



            and now when i open my adobe apps (except for the 64-bit version of Photoshop, but you use CS3 so thats not an issue on your system), i get all of my type 1 fonts.

            make no mistake, this is a hack and bad one. you can't manage your type 1 fonts (i have 1,000+ type 1 faces), and i'm sure this is a memory drain on the system. but it works.
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              yelm Level 1

              Thank you Peter! your first bit of advice helped me --- "try copying the fonts (don't move them or non-Adobe apps won't see them) to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts"


              Details for the record:  I was having this issue after installing InDesign CS4 on Windows XP. I was missing Myriad Pro Regular (but all of the other myrads were intact). strange that it was missing, but now it works!


              Good luck to all you Vista users out there. I heard that designers are having better luck with windows 7. Hope that's true!



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                yelm Level 1

                Ok, now I'm having this issue too- using the CS3 suite on 64 bit vista. I've identified a couple of strange things, and I wonder if it's causing the problem?


                1. when you look at the system fonts (in the control panel) ARIALNB.TTF is being listed as "open type" even though it is definitely a true type font.

                2. if you do a search for ARIALNB.TTF (for example) on the C drive, the computer can't find that file -- even though it is definitely there in the system fonts folder.


                this leads me to wonder if those two issues are related - since Adobe products can't find the font files. however, I don't know how to use this info to possibly solve the problem.


                any thoughts?



                • 165. Re: Missing Fonts

                  I just had to login to thank Mauro for providing clear instructions (that also worked) on how to resolve this missing font issue.  As someone in the thread (or another I was perusing on the same topic) the Microsoft Hotfix was not a fix for those of us who do not and have not ever used Office 2007.


                  I'm so grateful to people like Mauro who publish their findings so that those of us who need an answer do not have to recreate a working solution!


                  Marj Wyatt

                  • 166. Re: Missing Fonts

                    ID CS6, MSoffice 2010, Win7x64 - the same problems. Old solutions not work.

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                      ClusterX Level 1

                      I found a solution for myself. Regenerate in ttf by defalt all 4 arial narrow fonts with Fontlab Studio without any changes to fonts info or structure. Then install them into system (Windows/Fonts). Clean old arial narrows files before. Then do search for adobefnt*.lst on system disk. Delete those files (only .lst not .db or any other). Great! Works perfectly in all adobe apps! Shows all names in arial family submenue.

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