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    Trim ahead of in point Multicam sequence

    Alex Canton

      I have synced muliple clips by in points in Premiere CC. But I still want some of the footage before the in points. When I try and trim this it says trim media limit reached.


      Can anyone help?

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          DMH79 Level 2

          Right-click on your multicam sequence in the Project window and select "Open In Timeline". There you'll see the clips you've sync'd up and you can extend the in points. Just keep them lined up and in sync and when you are done drag it to the beginning of that sequence. Now your multicam sequence in the other timeline will have that added extra footage.


          OR...You could also...


          Toggle this little icon on the left part of the timeline (the button one the far left):

          Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 12.44.57 AM.png

          Then just drag your multicam sequence onto the timeline and all the video and audio tracks will come with it. Adjust as needed, then select all the media (or what I do is alt + select just the video since I want to see all my audio tracks still on the same timeline) and right-click and choose NEST. Then right-click on that nested clip and select MUTICAM>ENABLE.  Done.


          Remember there's a handy little toggle button on the Program window now in CC for turning Multicam on or off since it's now done within that window. Good luck!

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            Alex Canton Level 1

            Can't believe I didn't think of this! Thank you so much! Great, detailed answer!