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    Simple Data Export Question

    thibault.griez Level 1



      I am testing the process-feature of the Livecycle WorkBench.

      However, I am facing some difficulties...

      As a matter of test, I wanted to create a simple process which would:


      • Fetch an email attachement, an interactive PDF form
      • Export the XML data from the form
      • send the XML data by email


      I manage to do step 1, but as soon as I get to step 2, I have the following problem:


      I have the PDF form stored in a variable, of type document, by I cannot use this variable to assign in as input to the "export data" component...

      The export data component seems to expect an asset...


      If I run my process, with the process as input (in the URI format), I get an input exception saying that my PDF is not in a correct format...


      I thought that this test-process would be a simple one


      Could someone show me how to achieve this in a process? Thanks a lot!