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    Rookie Question re Motion Tween no longer working after converting objects to symbols

    craftycurate Level 1

      Hi All


      Rookie question ... am having to learn Flash CS6 fast for a project, and am doing pretty well, but am confused by some Motion Tween behaviour i.e. converting objects with Motion Tweens into symbols. I have been working through an online course, and looking in the manual, but can't find an explanation.         


      I have a text object ("txt1") which has a motion tween. I need to convert txt1 to a symbol (either kind) so I can create a looping animation with it, independent of the main timeline.
      RESULT: the symbol containing txt1 no longer animates, though the keyframes are still there.


      What am I doing wrong? I would like the new symbol (containing the text object) to respond to the motion tween as the text object did. Can existing keyframes be transferred to a different target object (and if so how) or do I have to recreate them all from scratch?


      Any help appreciated!