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    CC loses links to render files?

    jamesp2 Level 1

      Render an area, save the project, close the program and load the project, and the previously rendered area comes up red again.  Alternately, close the project and reload it, and you may or may not be asked to relink.


      Anyone else seeing this?  The render files are still there; but the links are apparently lost -- and irrevocably, once you close program.

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          jamesp2 Level 1

          The "solution" noted in the thread -- create an empty sequence, save the project from that sequence -- doesn't work.  I wasn't aware that lost render links was a common issue in CS6, but it's astonishing to learn that the bug not only survived CS6 updates, but is present in CC.


          How does Adobe propose that anyone work with a NLE which can't sustain links to rendered files?

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            I don't know if I'd call it 'common'.  Maybe because most people just don't render very much anymore.  But I've had to render a sequence with some complex projects and have never lost any links.  It's an intermittent issue that only affects some, and right now I'm not aware of any definitive cause, why it happens for some people and not others.


            By the way, did you read all the way through?  Preston claims his solution may not work the first time you try it, but should on subsequent attempts.


            And do let Adobe know about the issue:



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              jamesp2 Level 1

              Repeated tries don't work.  In practice, this bug means it's impossible to screen a full-resolution version of the timeline for clients and/or collaborators, if is contains processor-intensive unacclerated fx or plugins -- at least,  not without exporting the material.


              Not good.

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                Jill Woodward Level 1

                I'm seeing this issue. I'm a new CC subscriber (not a new editor), no experience with previous Premiere versions. This is happening in every single project I've created since downloading the software a couple of weeks ago, leaving me to wonder if this is the way the product is designed to work. Not only are the render files gone when I save, close and reopen, but just switching to another program on my computer temporarily (multitasking) is enough to cause the renders to go away. Coming from FCP, this seems really abnormal.


                Specs: mac OS 10.7.5, - 3.4 GHz Intel Core - 12 GB ram - AMD Radeon HD 6970M graphics card -


                The media (XDCAM primarily, but other codecs too) is stored on a NAS, and I'm putting my preview and project files there in the same folder. When I reopen the project, there's never been a dialogue asking me to relink files, there are just red and yellow bars on the sequence. I tried the empty sequence workaround described in Jim Simon's response and that didn't work for me. It literally just happened again while I was typing this and rendering. When I went back to the sequence most of it was rendered but two clips weren't. Another time I rendered, and immediately after the render window went away, the bars started changing from green to red or yellow.


                Is there anything else I should know or try? i will use the link above to report it.


                PS hi everyone. I have a feeling I'll be around a lot.


                PPS I just got the "serious error" message while testing these workarounds.

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                  KleWe Level 1

                  Same Problem here... Premiere CC Renderfiles are "lost" after closing/reloading a Project.
                  Never happened with Premiere CS6!


                  Any solutions meanwhile? Strange bug



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                    KleWe Level 1

                    **** UPDATE ****


                    we found out, that only clips with "warp stabilizer filter" lost their link to the renderfiles after restarting premiere.
                    our sequence contain different types of mediafootage (Canon H264, RED-RAW, DPX)
                    all canon files (60% of the timeline) with warp stabilizer lose their renderfiles.


                    seems to be a bug?



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                      Jill Woodward Level 1

                      This happened for me on a new project. Rendered to view, output, sent to client. Got feedback the next day, opened project, all clips that had color adjustment effects were unrendered. Two transitions had Impact plugin effects. Since I was only changing a small portion of the video, I just made my edits and only re-rendered the new edits. However if I was showing to a client who was present I would need to re-render the whole sequence. This is just strange.


                      Mac OS 10.7.5, Premiere 7.0.1, network storage, "save media cache files next to originals" is checked, what else?

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                        Jim_Simon Level 9

                        what else?


                        We don't know yet.  There is no well defined cause for the problem.  It just happens for some users.

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                          Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                          Some third-party effects and transitions are known to cause Premiere to re-render each time a project is loaded. I'm not directly involved with the investigation of this issue, so I don't know a) which effects & transitions have manifested this problem, or b) whether we've determined if the fix needs to come on our side (in the API that allows third parties to interface with Premiere) or in the code for the 3rd party effects/transitions.

                          We'd be interested to know whether the problem persist if you've removed the 3rd party effects/transitions. If so, please report  which ones seem to be involved in this other thread about the problem: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5501463#5501463

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                            Jim_Simon Level 9

                            Ah, that's some progress at least.

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                              HI Jill,

                              I was wondering if you had any progess with the issue of render files disappearing as soon as you render them/task switch etc. It was pretty painful rendering a whole time line for a clip that was needed for broadcast thinking we were killing it timewise then seeing all our render files disappear before our eyes.


                              - I was also working off a NAS setup at the time (NAS was a Sonnet RAID connected to a mac mini connected via AFP)

                              - I had a custom sequence with Prores Renders (as our output was prores 1080i60 for ingest into EVS servers for playout)... I am trying to establish if it is a codec specific thing? Or if it is just something to do with working on a NAS.

                              - It happened sporadically on differen machines with different projects open

                              - It also happened when preview files and media caches were set to the local drive, and only the original media was being referenced from the NAS.


                              - What were your preview files set to?


                              Has anyone else had this issue? To have your renders disappear on exit and re-entry into the program is bad enough, but to have them sporadically disappear as soon as you have rendered your sequence is just heartbreaking! Especially after the render of a 52 minute show that you need to export that day


                              Sorry for asking more questions than providing answers.. but I want to try and get some more info around this issue..




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                                Jill Woodward Level 1



                                I responded on this thread, as requested upthread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5501463#5501463#5501463


                                I too was wondering if the NAS was a potential problem. My preview files were set to be saved on the NAS with the media. I tried having media cache saved locally, and also with original files, and that didn't seem to affect anything.


                                I haven't had time to troubleshoot fully, but I believe that unchecking a media preference, "write XMP ID to files on import" resolved it for me. If it turns out that doesn't fully solve the problem, I'll report back here. Good luck.

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                                  Brett_Kosmider Level 1

                                  This is unfortunate if this is the case, since the only reason you would need to render in Premiere is due to third party plug-ins.  And the reason we're using thrid party plug ins is mainly because Adobe doesn't provide these effects in the software.  So we're stuck re-rendering all the time?

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                                    Jim_Simon Level 9

                                    Have you tried Mark's test of removing the third-party effect to see if the render holds?

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                                      Brett_Kosmider Level 1

                                      Thats my point.  If I remove third party plug ins I have no reason to render, but I also don't have the video that I want either.  For the record I'm using Magic Bullet Colorista II with the Adobe unsharpen filter on ProRes 422 footage.  On the other hand, I would love to use SpeedGrade CC on this job but its a quick turn and no time to explore new warez.

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                                        Jim_Simon Level 9

                                        If I remove third party plug ins I have no reason to render


                                        The point here is only a test, to see which third-party effects are involved.  It's not a solution to the problem, it's just a way to get more information about the problem.


                                        By the way, I know that Colorista isn't one of those that trigger this phenomenon.  If you're losing renders, it's for some other reason.


                                        And definitely give SG a look for future projects.  The color work plays real time in PP, no render needed.

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                                          Brett_Kosmider Level 1

                                          Also something to note, maybe its been addressed on another thread, I noticed no difference in time between exporting a sequence with Match Sequence Settings + Use Previews and when NOT using Previews when pushing export renders to AME.  It would stand to reason that apparently the render files arent seen anywhere outside of Premiere.  Just now I exported a 3 minute sequence with Match Sequence Settings + Use Previews WITHIN Premiere and it finished in under a minute - way faster than queueing in AME.

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                                            Hiddenpictures Ltd Level 2

                                            Getting the same thing when I use warp stabiliser on HD timeline (although may be other effects too) - I don't have third party plugins that I am aware of. Using PPro CC ver 7.0 - high spec Mac running Lion. Takes about 30 minutes to re-render each time so a significant time-waster. 



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                                              Cavemandude Level 1

                                              Yep, definitely losing render files with the latest version 7.1 with no plugins. Saving to an empty sequence has been the workaround that I've been using for a while that works.

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                                                El Director Level 1

                                                Same issue here, no common denominator.  Running the December update.

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                                                  Brian CRS

                                                  I was having the same problem, and at least for the project I'm working on the problem was related to the lack of metadata in my camera files.  Essentially Premiere cannot get handles on the native media when it reopens and therefore cannot display the associated preview files.  Once I transcoded to anything else (DPX, AVI, etc,) all preview renders are retained.  I hope this helps.

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                                                    I am also having this issue. Specifically with footage that I have replaced with after effects compositions in which I have applied the warp stabilizer effect in after effects.


                                                    17" MacBook Pro late 2011

                                                    2.3 ghz i7

                                                    8gb RAM

                                                    Mac OSX 10.9.2

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                                                      any news guys?

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                                                        I've tried all of the workarounds suggested in the various threads. None of them work for me. But I did find something that staunches the bleeding a bit.


                                                        Curiously, I've noticed that if a clip has a warp stabilizer effect applied to it Premiere will sometimes erase the clip's preview file from the preview folder when the application closes. In some cases that's why the clip has turned red again when you relaunch Premiere - the preview file no longer exists. (If you keep the preview folder open while Premiere closes you can sometimes actually see your warp-infected preview files vanish. And I do mean vanish. They don't move to the trash or anywhere else as far as I can tell.)

                                                        But this is not consistent behavior. Just as often the preview file isn't erased but Premiere loses track of it anyway. 


                                                        The awkward workaround I'm now using is to make a copy of the preview file generated by anything with a warp stabilizer effect. Then I drag the copy to my sequence, inserting it on the track above the original clip. I don't use the original preview file because often it evaporates on program close. The copy, however, seems to always survive an application shutdown.


                                                        This workaround isn't pretty, but it beats having to re-render large swaths of my sequences every single time I open Premiere.

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                                                          Another convert to Premiere Pro CC from FCP 7 here.


                                                          I'm having the same issue. From what I gather there's a few things that set this off and I'm using all of them in my project.


                                                          ProRes files

                                                          Warp Stabilizer

                                                          External drive via thunderbolt


                                                          One or all three of these factors seem to contribute. Like other people have said I'm amazed that this still exists as it's been around since the CS6 or even CS5 days...


                                                          The empty sequence solution hasn't worked for me.

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                                                            I have the exact same issues.


                                                            I use:

                                                            ProRes files

                                                            Warp Stabilizer

                                                            External drive via thunderbolt


                                                            I'm on the newest Imac OSX 10.9.2


                                                            Please Adobe fix it!


                                                            I can't render for 30min every time I open Premiere. This is a major reason why I can't use Premiere for supervised sessions...

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                                                              Same with me. Even if I shortened a stabilised clip the entire clip has to be re-rendered. Very poor adobe. FIX THIS

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                                                                A few days ago, I re-opened an old project file from last year, and Premiere CC suddenly lost the ability to keep linked to the render files. Tried the blank sequence fix to no avail.


                                                                I was having to re-render a nested sequence everytime I changed anything - even the titles from the original sequence. It was driving me crazy as it was a 30 min render each time... Googled and read what i could for an hour or so... I wondered if it was a single clip with warp stabiliser at fault - I re-analyzed, but then that clip no longer stayed rendered either! (it was in the original sequence - not the new nested one)


                                                                ...but then I just tried re-saving the project file (save as - with a different file name - to the same location on an external drive as the original project file) - et voila!  Premiere is now behaving again!  It Works perfectly!  The newly saved project file keeps linked to all its render files.  I even tried just rendering small sections across the timeline. Opened, closed, rebooted - its all still there...   I didn't have to remove any plugins or deactivate them from within the project


                                                                This might not work for everyone, but give it a go!   It would be great if we could FORCE a re-link to rendered clips or any media, just for this sort of issue in future..  Adobe are you listening?... how about bringing back the jog/shuttle as a menu option?  It is still there when you F5 import!  ;-)

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                                                                  Flying73 Level 1

                                                                  Thanks for that. Strangely it doesn't fix it for me. So PLEASE ADOBE - sort this out!

                                                                  • 31. Re: CC loses links to render files?

                                                                    This problem not only occurs in CC, but also in CS6. It's definitely connected to the Warp Stabilizer effect - and it's very ennoying! The specific render-files exist but Premiere does'nt keep track of them. I use the workaround to rename them, import them in the project and use them as ordinary clips. But please, Adobe, repair this!

                                                                    • 32. Re: CC loses links to render files?
                                                                      Cavemandude Level 1

                                                                      It's not directly tied to the Warp Stabilizer effect since I lose links to my preview files and I never use that effect. Saving to an empty project helps reduce the number of times this happens but it's not a solution. This problem never happened in CS5.5, it started in CS6 and continues in CC.

                                                                      • 33. Re: CC loses links to render files?

                                                                        Any closer to sorting this?  I have this issue but don't have any warp stabiliser effects applied, all my clips have been replaced with After Effects Compositions.

                                                                        I have all my media stored on an external drive, with the project files and preview files stored locally on my computers hard drive.

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                                                                          apel1 Level 1

                                                                          as a little addendum to this discussion - I had the sequence referred to above with perfectly linked green preview files - then I downloaded the Premiere CC 2014 update - when I opened the project in 2014 - it had to be "converted" - and now the previews are broken again - although I still have the previous CC version installed and when I launch that and open the original project - they are still linked in that one.

                                                                          • 35. Re: CC loses links to render files?
                                                                            digabyte Level 1

                                                                            "I don't know if I'd call it 'common'. "


                                                                            I would.


                                                                            If it's an issue with 3rd party plug-ins, as suggested, Adobe and Red Giant (which I assume is one of the most widely used plug-in manufacturers) should probably get their **** sorted out.  It's getting pretty frustrating.

                                                                            • 36. Re: CC loses links to render files?

                                                                              So, here is what I have found:

                                                                              All warp stabilization done within Premiere CC itself loses it's render upon restart.   I also tried exporting to After Effects to use Warp Stabilizer there, but when I restart Premiere I get the same result by doing that.  I don't remember that happening with older versions of Premiere, so I don't get why this is happening now.  Also, I have a sequence that I made heavy use of Red Giant Denoiser II. (I'm using the trial version right now to see if I should purchase it.  I don't know if the paid version would be any different.)  Again, upon restarting Premiere every single clip with the Denoiser effect has to be rerendered, and Denoiser takes a LONG TIME to render anyway, so this is more than a little annoying.  My guess is that, since this problem exists WITHIN premiere's own warp stabilizer effect, that the problem on on your side and not to be blamed on the third party publishers.


                                                                              I really need to be able to rely on your software.  Please fix now!

                                                                              • 37. Re: CC loses links to render files?
                                                                                cham242 Level 1

                                                                                I've seen lost render files - specifically rendered warp stabilizer files - on 2 different systems that I edit on.  In fact, if I duplicate a sequence that has rendered warp stabilizer files, those files IMMEDIATELY become unrendered in the new sequence.  This has cost me a great deal of time re-rendering, and I've got some very frustrated clients.


                                                                                I'd greatly appreciate some help.



                                                                                • 38. Re: CC loses links to render files?

                                                                                  Hi there,


                                                                                  Problem solved for me by moving the render files folder to the internal hard disk drive. (New MacPro with SSD).

                                                                                  Everything stays connected now !

                                                                                  • 39. Re: CC loses links to render files?

                                                                                    I just want to add to this that I had the same problem and what fixed it for me was to disable my internal Intel 4000 HD GPU in BIOS. When running only on my GTX 770 everything works fine! (OS X 10.9.4, Hackintosh build)

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