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    Export hangs at 0%


      I've compiled a very short compilation, two clips from a GoPro Hero 3 Silver totaling about 2 minutes.  The problem is it's hanging at export never progressing past 0% and the adobe premiere pro process takes up 11+ gigs of ram even though Premiere is configured to use only 9GB of ram.


      System Specs:


      Core i7 920 3.19 Ghz

      16 GB ram

      Samsung SSD with 30gbs free





      Youtube 1080p 23.976 fps





      -upgrading from to, no affect


      -Tried exporting to a external mechanical drive


      -Tried Exporting to the main OS SSD.


      -Tried using AME, same issue.


      Process (i'm a photo guy so the video thing is new to me, trying to help a friend who just got a go pro)


      I'm cutting the raw video using GoPro Cineform, then converting the clips I want to use to .avi for maximum quality....


      After converting I imported the .avi's into premiere, joined the clips, added some auto level, color and sharpness adjustments, and added some speed adjustment then saved the video.