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    Simple portfolio site with photos




      I'm trying to something I thought would be remarkably easy. I'm a newbie to DPS. So forgive me. AE, PSD, PPro more my strengths, but I'm pretty proficient in Indesign. I get all the publishing stuff etc. What I am struggling with is simply creating a horizontal page containg a bunch of thumbnails. Once you click on a thumbnail, it sizes up to 100% - the size of the iPad. Touch it again and you go back to  where you were on the page (which I'd like to be scrolling page and once you size up, you can swipe through and go through all the images at 100%, but right now I just need it to simply size up and size down. I'm scaling back my ambitions here!)


      Any suggestions? Its really just an image gallery, click on a pic and it scales up. Click again, it goes down. At this point I'm looking into building it in Lightroom, exporting the HTML and importing that into the folio. But it seems crazy that something so simple can't be done directly in InDesign...