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    (CS5.5) How can I keep my movie clips intact on export?


      Hey. I'm working on an animation, but I've been avoiding using movie clips since they rely on Actionscript (right?). While movie clips will work fine exporting to .swf, I want to put the movie on youtube. .mov export doesn't work, so I have to export to a .png sequence (and compile them with Sequimago). The problem is, any movie clips I use won't be kept intact. Any solution or do I just have to cope?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          movieclips don't rely on actionscript.  you can use actionscript with movieclips but you don't have to use actionscript with movieclips. 


          anyway, i can't see how that's relevant to your issue except to say you should be exporting a video, not a movieclip.  ie, you should export as an mov. if you don't have quicktime, you should use a program to convert your published swf to a move, wmv or avi or mpeg4.

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