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    resizing output

    lmaclanphere Level 1

      Hi all


      I will be handing off a series of AE project files, created at full HD--but a 720p version will be required for final output;


      I am trying to decide if it is better to nest the final  into a 720 comp, or to leave it at full HD and make some sort of notation to resize in the output settings. The first method seems a bit more "idiot proof"--but the latter seems to have some quality advantages according to some Adobe documentation I have seen.


      Any tips  appreciated.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The short answer: Sometimes, it just depends.


          The long answer: Sometimes the best option is to set up multiple outputs in the Adobe Media Encoder and either render your Production Master uncompressed render or your AE composition as the source. Other times it's best to set up a nested comp. But sometimes it's best to duplicate and resize the composition to re-design the motion for the smaller frame size. It all depends on the motion inside the comp. Strobing and juddering moving elements may become a problem if you just resize. If you have something like a credit roll in the project the timing of the roll is critical to keep things working so you may have to edit that footage in the smaller composition instead of nesting or re-sizing in the AME.


          There's a comprehesive article on designing motion for different frame sizes by Chris Meyer somewhere on the net. If you have the time you should dig it up.

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            lmaclanphere Level 1

            Hi Rick, thanks a lot for that info--


            I wish I had more time to do some testing, but at least I'll have some things to look out for now