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    All the media files in my catalog went missing


      After installing PE 11 I started adding media to a catalog. At some point, I removed my hot swap hard disk, and after reinserting it, none of the files in the catalog are available. Everything is missing. I assume the hot swap was the cause.


      My strategy now would be to erase the existing catalog, which is useless, and build a new one. Can I simply remove the catalog?


      Where is it? How is it named.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The easiest way to create a new catalog is to go to the Organizer's File menu and select Manage Catalogs. On this screen you'll be able to create and assign a new catalog.


          Meantime, if you are are on Windows computer, you may want to use the Manage/Disk Management tool to permanently assign a drive letter to your external hard drive. This will keep the Organizer from losing its connection to it if you disconnect the drive and then reconnect it later.