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    Styling a RichTextEditor

    ProfessorC Level 1
      I have a RichTextEditor that I've assigned a style to the textArea. But I don't seem to be able to style anchor links.

      Basically, I want a style like:
      .myRTETextAreaStyle A {

      But it doesn't seem to work. I can style the overall color, but not specific children like A, B or I.

      Is there a way to do this? And why doesn't the RichTextEditor distinguish anchors by default? It's entirely counter-intuitive not to have the link colored or differentiated somehow.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Proeliata Level 1
          I haven't worked with RichTextEditors, so I don't know if this is the only solution to your problem, but when I've wanted to apply styles to, for example, specific DataGrid data cells, I simply did it manually, by defining the style I want in my CSS file and then accessing that data cell and assigning the style to it.
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            ProfessorC Level 1
            Thanks, Proeliata.

            The RichTextEditor has a textArea child object, which I think is probably akin to individual cells of a DataGrid like you're talking about. I tried assigning the style for both/either the RichTextEditor and/or the RichTextEditor.textArea and neither worked.

            I'm thinking the only way I'd be able to do it is if I could somehow grab the pointer to the anchor itself and apply the style to it... which I don't think is possible.