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    Fixing a corrupted file

    WrightStuff Level 1

      I seem to have a corrupted file. It takes 4 or 5 seconds for anything to appear when you try to type anything in and the panels take 5 or 6 seconds to appear when you change a tool. I've been working in other documents with no problem, it is just this one book.


      I've tried exporting it out to an IDML file and reopening it, but it doesn't help.


      Next I tried exporting it out to an ID Tagged Text file and placing that with the Shift key to autoflow it in and that seemed to work as far as the typing problem, but none of the graphic links imported and this is a 6 chapter book with hundreds of graphics!


      Is there another way to import the content with the links into a new document that I am missing? (or a way to fix the original file?)


      CS6, XP



      Thanks in advance.



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          Ankit Kanwara. Adobe Employee

          Hey Wright,


          You might want to try steps in http://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/kb/troubleshoot-damaged-indesign-documents.html


          Usually these sort of errors come down to one swatch or a element in the document. Now it might be just as simple as creating a new book and adding back the document. Or as difficult as a corupt text frame or font in the document.


          For your question about movung content you could try just moving pages from one document to another new document abd checking if that helps.


          - Ankit

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            WrightStuff Level 1

            Thanks Ankit, I did see that page in my search.


            The other thing I didn't mention is that the margins needed to change in the new document also. This was an existing document that needed extensive corrections with new styles and margins.


            It didn't matter where I selected the "Enable Layout adjustment" box before or after I "Moved" the pages. The text frames would not line up to the new margins, until I figured out that I had to selected the "Enable Layout adjustment" box and change the margins in the old document to the new size before I moved the pages to a new uncorrupted template. All is well now, thanks!