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    Wedding Video Nightmare!! - I have an ongoing problem with getting the videos to playback correctly


      This issue has been going on since about 3-4 months ago. Took a while to get familiar with workflow. But now I'm stumped big time and clients are getting impatient.


      I will import a encoded video and audio file into encore. (.m4v & .ac3 ) and >new timeline and such

          looks great and no issues detected in Encore... it doesn't try and re-encode cause I already set the bitrate to around 20-22kbps

      I author a put together a  simple menu and burn to disc.


      Crappy result 1:   Put it in the Blu Ray player in the living room and it plays fine for a while and then around 20-30 secs or so I notice 1 single frame of video - half of it is snow..just a flicker of half framed snow. a little time goes by and notice it again.  It may do this through the whole video every minute or sometime 10 minutes...


      Crappy result 2 :Another issue is audio just drops out for about 5 minutes and comes back... If I rewind the video and play it back.. it doesn't have audio drop out in the same time in the video.


      Crappy result 3

      Another issue .... this is from the brides email :


      "So i just tried to watch both Blue ray disk. I tried it on 2 different blue ray dvd players. They are both freezing right after the boys pre ceremony part. "

      I burned a copy from the image file this bride is complaining about and it played fine through the whole video.


      I was thinking maybe I have a bad Blu Ray drive or discs ... however I'm not sure of this cause I do get errors often trying to burn discs direct from encore.


         Here's what I have

          Blu Ray internal: Asus BW-12B1ST   5months old


        Can't tell you what BD-RE I am using at the moment but can someone recommend   Discs and a good Drive? Cause I'm about to go buy new ones and throw these down the crapper