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    Override Master Page Item creates duplicate

    jiggy1965 Level 1

      I've got a weird problem in Indesign CS6. I've placed a graphic box on the master page with a thick white stroke and a drop shadow effect. Now on page one I want to override that master page item so I can place an image inside it. So I clicked on it with command-shift. Found out however that when I drag the nog overriden box or resize it, the original master page item is still present beneath it in it's locked position.When I delete the overriden box I can override that original master page item again and again and again. Somehow it doesn't override that image box, but it creates a copy of the master page item and places that on top.


      Funny thing is that it works normally when I edit the image box slightly. For example by making the box narrower. Anything wider than 79 cm e.g. makes it create those duplicates. Or by removing the drop shadow effect. Or by removing the -3 rotation. Or by positioning the box else where. Then it behaves normally: upon clicking on it with command-shift, the master page item is overriden and I can rearrange it without having created a copy.


      Like it is now, with that effect, that position, that effect, that size.... when I click on it with command-shift it always creates a copy of the master page item and places that on top with the not-overriden version still present beneath it like any other locked master page items.


      Is this a bug?